Psoriatic Arthritis

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The High Cost of Arthritis Treatment
The High Cost of Arthritis Treatment
A recent study examined the cost of biologic and non-biologic DMARDs under Medicare Part D and stand-alone coverage plans.
International Federation of Psoriasis Associations Publishes Issue Brief to Raise Awareness of Psoriatic Arthritis
Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to preventing long-term joint damage in patients with psoriatic arthritis.
Seasonal Gene Suppresses Painful Arthritis Inflammation
Allergy sufferers may refrain from voicing sniffle complaints once they hear the benefits associated with the warmer weather.
Depressive Symptoms in Joint Disease
Patients with joint disease often screen positive for depressive symptoms, according to research from Switzerland.
Genetic Biomarker Associated with Psoriatic Arthritis, But Not Psoriasis
Although psoriatic arthritis (PsA) only targets those diagnosed with psoriasis, a genetic factor has been discovered that only pinpoints the former.
Valuable Tool Identified for Assessing Psoriatic Arthritis Activity
A measuring tool typically used to assess the activity of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has proven to be valuable for analyzing disease activity in psoriatic arthritis (PsA) as well.
High Alcohol Consumption Linked to Increased Risk of Psoriatic Arthritis in Women
Although moderate alcohol intake is linked to health benefits, a high consumption can have a negative effect on women.

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