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Do Elderly Patients Even Benefit from the Flu Vaccine?
The debate over whether influenza vaccines are valuable in elderly patients may be put to end as a study from Brown University has verified that the strategy has made a positive impact.
Despite being vaccinated, many children with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) may not have immunity against potentially deadly illnesses.
The American College of Physicians (ACP) announced their support of the ban on non-medical immunization exemptions during their summer Board of Regents meeting.
University of Georgia (UGA) researchers claim lenient state vaccination laws led to epidemics of otherwise preventable diseases.
The current nasal spray flu vaccine on the market is not approved for all age groups – so what’s another option for those excluded individuals besides the flu shot? Researchers may have found a way to broaden the range on the nasal spray.
Japanese research suggests that influenza vaccination using a dissolving microneedle patch made of hyaluronic acid appears to be promising for practical use as an easy and effective method to replace conventional injection systems.
Some states experience more preventable disease outbreaks than others, and at least part of the blame can be put on vaccination exemption laws.

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