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Adult Flu Vaccination Protects the Elderly
Influenza vaccination among adults aged 18 to 64 appears to be associated with decreased rates of illness related to influenza among elderly adults living in the same area, according to Cleveland Clinic Research.
Not all flu virus strains are created equal. After all, some are better equipped to transmit from host to host than others and new research has pinpointed an intricate factor that allows the virus to do so through the air.
The benefits and risks of vaccinations have been in the forefront of the news lately, especially with children going back to school and presidential debates heating up. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continuously advise that all eligible candidates receive a vaccine, some remain skeptical. The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) hosted their annual news conference to discuss the 2014-2015 flu vaccine outcomes and what you need to know as we approach the next season.
Last night’s Republican primary debate provided further evidence that many people still believe that autism is caused by vaccines.
The MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine is capable of preventing the highly contagious measles virus in a wide range of people, but an eligibility update now excludes pregnant women.
Herpes zoster, otherwise known as shingles, causes a painful rash that can lead to additional complications. Although the condition is preventable with a vaccine, new research indicates that the vaccine is not worth it from an economic standpoint for certain patient groups.
The debate over whether influenza vaccines are valuable in elderly patients may be put to end as a study from Brown University has verified that the strategy has made a positive impact.

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