American Diabetes Association 74th Scientific Sessions

American Diabetes Association 74th Scientific Sessions | ADA 2014

The American Diabetes Association's 74th Scientific Sessions, billed as "the world's foremost meeting on diabetes," will feature more than 14,000 top scientists, physicians, and other health care professionals sharing "cutting-edge research, treatment recommendations and advances toward a cure for diabetes."

Conference Coverages

Transplantation of Human Islet Cells Safe and Effective in Type 1 Diabetes
Phase III trial shows that transplanted purified human pancreatic islets safely restored sustained near-normoglycemia and provided protection from severe hypoglycemia in patients with long-standing type 1 diabetes and iatrogenic hypoglycemia.
Swedish Study Indicates LDL Cholesterol Not a Good Marker of Cardiovascular Risk in Type 1 Diabetes
Researchers find that the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL is a significant predictor for CVD in type 1 diabetes patients who are not using lipid-lowering drugs, and that the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL is a more reliable marker for risk when considering primary prevention.
Inhibition of SGLT2 in Pancreatic Alpha Cells Drives Glucagon Gene Expression
Researchers have identified a previously unrecognized mechanism for SGLT2 inhibitors in the regulation of glucagon and gluconeogenic gene expression.
Depressive Symptoms Predict Increased Mortality Rates in Both Men and Women with Type 1 Diabetes
Patients with type 1 diabetes who had more depressive symptoms measured at baseline and over time appear to be at an increased risk of mortality, even after allowing for likely mediators.

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