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2013 NEI Psychopharmacology Congress | NEI 2013

The 2013 Neuroscience Education Institute Psychopharmacology Congress will feature “the finest in psychopharmacology,” brought to you by “a group of exceptional clinicians and elite speakers who will inspire and inform you of the latest treatment strategies.” Attendees will learn about the latest drugs and new ways to use established drugs.
    ► NEI 2013 - Day 3
    Effective Tools for Dealing with Aggressive and Violent Psychiatric Patients in the Inpatient Setting
    By Brittany Roshelle Davis
    Creating a safer environment for clinicians and patients starts with better formalized reporting of aggressive and violent behavior, and should also include more rigorous screening and assessment for risk markers of violent behavior.
    Long-Term Treatment of Schizophrenia with Depot Medication
    By Brittany Roshelle Davis
    Depot antipsychotic medications for patients with schizophrenia are often associated with improved treatment adherence.
    Executive Function Disorder and ADHD
    By Brittany Roshelle Davis
    Executive function disorder and ADHD share several overlapping symptoms, and the presence of executive function impairment is often associated with a diagnosis of ADHD. Clinicians should be aware of the testing modalities that can help accurately identify executive function disorder, and also be aware of the limitations of current medications when it comes to mitigating symptoms.
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