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Hypersomnia may not receive the amount of attention as other sleep disorders like sleep apnea, but it affects up to 5% of the population and left untreated can significantly diminish a patient's quality of life.
The area of sleep study is only around 30 years old but there are still new advancements that can help improve the daily life of a patient.
As part of the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians new information was rolled out on the "Live Well" Campaign aimed at helping patients with COPD.
For many people smoking may be a leading cause of being diagnosed with COPD. That may not always be the case which can require additional testing and treatment.
While the survival rate for lung transplantation may be low compared with other transplant surgeries, advances in technology have helped increase the success rate.
With Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms growing in popularity, physicians are facing more pressure from patients to incorporate these tools into practice. This can be a difficult decision; however, for some the benefits will greatly outweigh the risks.
As hospitals in the United States receive patients with suspected cases of Ebola virus infection, health care professionals are learning more about treatment of the virus and how best to protect themselves.
Over the past few decades, knowledge of COPD has grown exponentially, including new approaches to treating the condition. Doctors now have more options beyond surgery and anticipate having even more in the future.
For patients diagnosed with occupational asthma, sometimes taking a step as simple as leaving work can improve their condition. For others, finding relief may be a much more involved process that requires more comprehensive treatment.