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Men of all ages are experiencing the difficulties that come with cardiovascular health including erectile dysfunction. A recent study was conducted looking at the link between the two conditions and what can be done to improve their treatment.
When cocaine users seek medical attention at a hospital regularly used scans may miss some hidden damage done to the patient's heart. A new study looked at other areas that could help maintain their longterm health.
As children get older their waistlines increasingly show signs of getting wider as well and the problem extends far beyond American students. Doctors around the world are working together to find ways to combat the growing problem.
Doctors are taking a new look at a condition which could play a factor in predicting cardiovascular incidents called hopelessness. While not much is known about the condition or treatment there are some things people can do to keep themselves as healthy as possible.
Whether asthma contributes to cardiovascular disease or not is a matter for continued research and study. Whether there is a direct link or not there has been considerable proof that the numbers for both conditions are on the rise.
In urban areas like Los Angeles women, particularly young mothers, may not have the money, time, and resources needed to take care of their own health. A new study has looked to find ways to help keep them healthy and also help the overall good of their families and communities as well.
With technology improving every day the state of New Jersey implemented a program three years ago to mandate screening for critical congenital heart defects.
As the technology of 3-D printing improves its uses are also growing. This includes creating more accurate models of patient hearts that can help surgeons with their work before ever making the first cut.
Continuing the discussion of the dangers of energy drinks the topic turns to what parents and the drink manufacturers can do to protect the youngest members of the population.