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One Coca-Cola, One Hour: Harmful Effects on the Body
It may be cool to sip on a Coca-Cola that features your name right on the product, but a report that’s been making the rounds details the metabolic roller coaster ride that drinking even a single can unleash on the body.
Results from a recent study showed that elevated levels of inflammatory markers were strongly associated with delirium in post-surgical patients.
Georgetown University neurology researchers believe that your brain is building a visual dictionary as you learn new words.
Despite the fact that older adults are more susceptible to complications from vaccine-preventable infections, this group as a whole is not reaching target goals.
Researchers have identified a novel chemical compound that can reduce the severity of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, according to researchers from Montana State University.
For patients unable to have regular bowel movements the search for effective treatment can be uncomfortable with limited options. A potential new treatment is being tested where a vibrating capsule could help these patients with regular bodily functions.
Phototherapy may be an effective, noninvasive treatment for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.


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