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Unique Partnership to Provide Guidance for Oncology Payers and Providers


For Immediate Release
February 14, 2011
Unique Partnership to Provide Guidance for Oncology Payers and Providers
The American Journal of Managed Careand the Journal of Oncology Practiceto
Jointly Publish Special Issue Addressing Payer/Provider Relationships in Oncology

Plainsboro, NJ– There has been a dramatic surge in the number of biotechnology products entering the oncology market. Generally, these products are very expensive, pressing both payers and providers to evaluate their value. Given that there is no accepted framework for this assessment, payers have had difficulty tracking and managing the expenditures in oncology, and providers have struggled to understand the burgeoning regulatory issues and narrow indications that limit the use in practice.
To help facilitate understanding of the often divergent perspectives of payers and providers in oncology, Intellisphere Managed Markets Group, publishers of The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC), and the Journal of Oncology Practice (JOP), published by The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), are jointly publishing a special issue that addresses topics relevant to the payer/provider relationship in oncology.
“The joint AJMC/JOP issue will provide oncology professionals insight into the complex relationship between providers and payers, with the goal of improving efficiency and outcomes in cancer care,” said John V. Cox, DO, MBA, FACP, editor-in-chief of the JOP.
The AJMC/JOP special issue will present clinical, pharmacoeconomic, and regulatory information that will help inform individual decisions—by providers, payers, and policy makers—with the goal of improving efficiency and outcomes in cancer care.
“Intellisphere is excited about the prospects of two of the most authoritative organizations in healthcare coming together for this great resource,” said JC Landry, Vice President of the Intellisphere Managed Markets group. “This publication will be a must-read for anyone involved in providing or paying for oncology care, and it will further advance the dialogue between the payer and provider communities.”
The AJMC/JOP joint issue is scheduled to be published to coincide with the ASCO Annual Meeting on June 4-8, 2010, in Chicago, IL.
AboutThe American Journal of Managed Care
The American Journal of Managed Careis an independent, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to publishing original research in healthcare outcomes and creating a forum for scientific communication in the ever-evolving field of healthcare delivery. The journal is indexed in MEDLINE/PUBMED.
For more information, contact Tobin Sharp, Editorial Director, at 609.716.7777, or at tsharp@ajmc.com.
About the Journal of Oncology Practice
The Journal of Oncology Practice (JOP) is a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed authoritative resource on clinical and administrative management for oncology professionals. The Journal is published by the ASCO, the world’s leading professional society representing physicians who treat people with cancer. Beginning in May, 2011, full text of all JOP articles will be indexed to the NIH PubMed Central archive for inclusion in PubMed. Visit JOP online at www.jop.ascopubs.org
For more information, contact Amanda Stanley-Narod, ASCO Media Relations, at 571.483.1364, or at amanda.narod@asco.org.

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