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The Money Illusion Illuminates in the Medical World
The Money Illusion Illuminates in the Medical World
Just as in medicine, psychology remains dominant over science or math, fantasy over reality.
10 Reasons I’m Not Shopping for 3 Years
I thought that I had a ridiculously high savings rate, allowing me to retire by 2023, within 2.8 years of finishing fellowship. Most (soon-to-be) radiologists look at me like I'm some sort of weirdo who derives pleasure from “beneath-average-physician-standard-of-living” and obsessed with saving.
Planning for Retirement? Here's Your 10-Year Timeline
The earlier one starts planning for retirement, the more prepared one should be not only financially, but also emotionally.
6 Reasons Why You Should Have an Umbrella Policy
In today's world it can be important for doctors in practices of all sizes to ensure they are properly protected. What that means can vary depending on individual situations.
5+ Tips to Share $ Value with Your Better Half
My significant other grew up in an entirely different world from mine in many dimensions: cultural, social, economic, and psychological.
Top 5 Ways to Derail Financial Independence & Early Retirement
Avoid these five mistakes that can run your financial independene train right off the tracks, derailing any dreams you may have had of an early retirement.
Is It Time For A Wealth Tax?
Income inequality has become a major issue in America. Is it time for us to follow Europe's lead and institute a wealth tax?
A Detailed Dissection of My Investor Policy Statement
One doctor's IPS is detailed line by line. The thought process and individualization are described.

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