Roundtable: To Sell or Not to Sell, Part III

Lee Ferber, CFP
Marcus Gettry, CPA, P.C.
David Mandell
OJM Group, LLC
Todd Rodriguez
Fox Rothschild
Partner, Health Law Practice

In this roundtable, panelists will discuss analyzing whether a practice should stay private or sell to a hospital and Todd Rodriguez, partner with Fox Rothschild, explained specific terms embedded in hospital employment agreements. He looks specifically for things, such as grounds for termination and productivity targets, in the contract that might be beyond the control of the physician
In particular, he views the most important part of the contract for physicians who are leaving private practice is the ability to return to private practice.
“If you get into the arrangement and decide it’s not your cup of tea or it’s not working out for whatever reason, you at least can go back to the status quo,” Rodriguez said. “That’s a fairly big protection.”

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