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PMD's Most Popular Stories for the Week Ending April 29
PMD's Most Popular Stories for the Week Ending April 29
Here's a look at the five most popular stories on PMD for the week that ended April 29.
Is It Time to Have a Family Money Meeting?
People often find it harder to talk about money than politics, death, or religion; to get family money issues out in the open. You don’t necessarily have to be in the “1%” to benefit from having one or more family meetings.
BOOK REVIEW: The Violet Hour: Great Writers at the End
Katie Roiphe's new book probes the final days of some of history's greatest authors. However, physicians might find a few parts tough to swallow.
We Need MD/MBEs, Not MD/MBAs
We have plenty of physician administrators. What we need now is a dual-degree program that pairs an MD with a Master's in Biomedical Entrepreneurship.
Tiny House Vacations: The Next Mini-Trend in Travel
So-called "Tiny Houses" have become popular among a certain sub-set of Millennials. Now, those wishing to temporarily downsize can choose a tiny house for their vacation lodging.
10 Ways Doctors Fail to Consider Patients' Financial Concerns
As healthcare costs rise, financial concerns are becoming a bigger and bigger factor in many patients' health choices. Unfortunately, many patients don't communicate their concerns to their doctors.
Dermatologist Entrepreneur Encourages Others to Follow Suit
A Florida dermatologist and avid entrepreneur says more physicians should realize that medical practice and entrepreneurship can be a great fit.
What to Do About Poorly Performing Hospitals?
Patients who go to poorly performing hospitals face starkly different health outcomes. Fixing those hospitals is a multi-part problem.
The Psychology of Collecting
Many different factors motivate people to become collectors. These are some of the most common.

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