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Burnout: The End of the Hangover
Sometimes things we enjoy cause harm, and our career can be one of those do you make sense of that?
How to Choose the Right Group Tour for Your Vacation
Group tours come with many advantages. Book the right one for you and save time, money, and travel anxiety. To get the fullest from your trip, make sure you do a little research before-hand.
The PMD Critical List: Physician is America's Highest-Paid CEO
America’s highest-paid CEO is a physician you’ve probably never heard of. That story tops this week’s PMD Critical List. Also making the list: the FDA considers mandating more training for opioid prescribers, and Harvard opens a center looking at the impact of happiness on health.
Physicians Can Play Key Role in Overcoming Mental Health Stigma
Studies suggest primary care physicians often neglect to ask a patient about his or her mental health. They're missing a big opportunity.
How to Speak to a Narcissistic Entrepreneur
You find yourself at a cocktail party, cornered by someone who describes himself as a physician entrepreneur. What do you do?
PMD's Most Popular Stories for the Week Ending April 29
Here's a look at the five most popular stories on PMD for the week that ended April 29.
Is It Time to Have a Family Money Meeting?
People often find it harder to talk about money than politics, death, or religion; to get family money issues out in the open. You don’t necessarily have to be in the “1%” to benefit from having one or more family meetings.
BOOK REVIEW: The Violet Hour: Great Writers at the End
Katie Roiphe's new book probes the final days of some of history's greatest authors. However, physicians might find a few parts tough to swallow.

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