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Caribbean Getaways: British Virgin Islands' Villas
Caribbean Getaways: British Virgin Islands' Villas
Sometimes a hotel room isn’t enough. You want a villa so you can stretch out in the living area – not just to sip wine and watch the sea – but to save money by preparing breakfasts and picnic lunches in a kitchen.
7 Important Facts All Doctors Must Accept About Money Management
Understanding money is an important part of life, whether is it appealing to you personally or not.
The 7 Characteristics of a “Financially Prepared” Doctor
It turns out that “having enough money to retire” is the top concern for today’s doctors (among all ages and specialties), according to the American Medical Association’s new 2016 Report on US Physicians' Financial Preparedness.
How to Bootstrap You Idea
Bioentrepreneurship requires persistence and ingenuity. It does not necessarily require a lot of money to conceptualize and sell your idea. Most early-stage companies are bootstrapped.
Is It OK to Pay Your Housekeeper in Cash? No, and Here's Why...
Many doctor families employee nannies and housekeepers, but you're taking a huge risk if you're not reporting correctly.
How to Find a Doctor Digital Health Job
Digital health physician entrepreneurs, serving either as cofounders, advisors, or members of the management team, are scarce. There are many reasons why, but the end result is failed or clinically ineffective digital health products and services. 
Top 5 Ways to Avoid Tax on Capital Gains & Dividends
Nothing is certain but death and taxes, although death may help you avoid some taxes. This, and 4 better strategies are discussed.
Wall Street to White Coat: Interview with Dr. Unger MD MBA
Wyatt Unger, M.D., M.B.A, is a 3rd year radiology resident at the University of Arizona. Wyatt earned a B.A in Economics from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. from the University of Arizona. Prior to pursuing a career in medicine, Wyatt has worked as an equity options market maker at the NYSE/ARCA options exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), as well as a proprietary equities trader at Great Point Capital. Wyatt has previously held Series 7, 55, and 63 certifications.

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