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The Power of Pre-Suasion
The Power of Pre-Suasion
A casual observer might argue that much of what a physician does is, in effect, sales. We are often trying to talk someone into something, a medical work up or treatment, or out of something, like self-destructive habits.
Caribbean Cruise “Escape” Covers Food, Fun, and Family
Much had changed, for the better, since our Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Escape sailing years ago. The Escape surprised us: for the most part, the food was tasty, the entertainment engaging, and the ship, family-friendly.
The Financial Impact of Part-Time Work at Various Career Stages
The timing of a part-time transition can make a big difference in your ability to build wealth. Just a few years of full-time work first can shave years off a career.
When to Drop Your Idea
Like most entrepreneurs, I've had my share of failures, fumbles and fooling around. It would have been a lot easier if I had euthanized the ideas sooner and put myself and many others out of their misery sooner.
One Often Forgotten Cause of Healthcare Fraud...
With an estimated 12% of Medicare and 10% of Medicaid payments lost to fraud and other improper payments in 2015, it is no surprise that battling healthcare fraud is a high priority on the government's checklist. Let's talk about one rampant cause of healthcare fraud that doesn't get the limelight.
Overdue for a Bear Market Tumble
It is true that we are overdue for a bear market. A correction is a drop of 10% from the peak; a bear is 20% or more. We haven’t see the latter since 2008.
Five Ways to Optimize Wealth Building as a PGY
A dollar invested in PGY1 has nearly one more full doubling time compared to that 6-10 year-later-invested dollar in your first few attending years.

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