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Overdue for a Bear Market Tumble
Overdue for a Bear Market Tumble
It is true that we are overdue for a bear market. A correction is a drop of 10% from the peak; a bear is 20% or more. We haven’t see the latter since 2008.
Five Ways to Optimize Wealth Building as a PGY
A dollar invested in PGY1 has nearly one more full doubling time compared to that 6-10 year-later-invested dollar in your first few attending years.
The Best Non-Clinical Jobs for Doctors
Physicians who want to continue to use their medical knowledge or healthcare skills to work in a professional setting outside of patient care have a variety of options for full time work.
Leaderpreneurship Development
Leadership is in crisis and the command and control model is bankrupt.
6 Reasons You May Need a Trust
Trusts are not just for the rich and famous - find out how a trust can help you.
Plan Ahead: Stay at State Parks in West Virginia and Nebraska
It may seem premature, but you should book now for spring and summer stays at state parks. These hidden gems, often eclipsed by the National Parks, are easily accessible, offer wallet-friendly accommodations, engaging activities, and first-class scenery.
7 Traits of a “Highly Effective” Doctor
I am one of those guys who can say that his father was his hero. My physician-dad set a fine example—both as a man and a doctor. A man of few words, you had to watch his actions to learn his ways.
The Number One Challenge Facing Rural Healthcare in 2017
The number one challenge facing rural healthcare organizations in 2017 is the talent shortage.
How To Build a Crowd
There are many reasons to build a crowd. Crowd funding must have a crowd. Innovation takes a crowd. New product development and post market surveillance takes a crowd. Building a non-profit takes a crowd. Intrapreneurship takes a crowd. But, how do you do it?

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