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'It's Good to Be King': The Benefits of Financial Independence
'It's Good to Be King': The Benefits of Financial Independence
Financial Independence, defined as the ability to live your current lifestyle without without employment income, is a powerful tool with amazing benefits. I believe it is a laudable goal every physician should aim to achieve.
How Is Your Vision?
The common thread among successful leaders and practices is that they have a clear vision of what they want to develop.
Election Facts That You Can Use
If you think you make decisions -- whether about which candidate to vote for or which house to buy -- based on objective facts, you're kidding yourself.
Missouri Objects to Blockbuster Aetna-Humana Merger
Missouri says the merger of the two insurance giants would make the state's Medicare Advantage market anti-competitive. It's asking the companies to propose remedies that would address the state's concerns.
Consistently Performing Hedge Funds: Rarer Than a Needle in Many Haystacks
Determining which hedge fund will be advantageous for a particular portfolio isn't just as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. It's roughly akin to finding a needle in a field full of haystacks.
5 Ways to Fill the Clinical Empathy Gap
Empathy, compassion, and patience seem to be in short supply in the examining room, the classroom, and the operating room.
Where? How? Why? Doctors Offer Insights Into Healthcare's Future
A new report offers insights into the future of medicine. It shows many physicians are thinking about career changes, and 1 in 4 report burnout and stress.
Stop Teaching to the Test
Doctors are being pounded to teach to the test. But every patient-student is different and each is smart in their own way.
A Look at Vertical Integration Between Payers and Providers
As the consolidation and integration trend continues in the healthcare industry, payers and providers will have to adjust to the evolving post-healthcare reform changes if they want to remain profitable and continue to grow their businesses.

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