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Surprising Results About Physicians' Belief in God
Surprising Results About Physicians' Belief in God
A University of Chicago study concluded that a whopping 76% of doctors stated that they believe in God, compared with about 70% of Americans overall.
5 Cheap Ways to Meet Credit Card Spending Requirements
Credit card companies are giving out bigger and bigger sign-up bonuses to earn your business. However, there are usually some strings attached. In order to qualify, you are usually required to spend x dollars within y months of account opening. So let's talk about 5 of the cheapest ways to meet these lofty requirements.
The DIY Screening Referral Business Model
While the advantages to the consumer are many, there are also perils of DIY medicine and this test-and-refer business model.
6 Money Tips I Would Tell Dear Older Me
After I wrote about 6 $ Tips I Would Tell Dear Younger Me, I thought I should write to my future self too. If it's true that we learned everything we need to learn in life as kindergartners, then I would thank myself for writing this when I'm older.
Evora, Portugal: A World Heritage Site
Every time I tell a friend about my many return visits to Portugal, I always say the same thing, “For me, Portugal is equally interesting to England and about one-half to one-third the price.”
Medicare and Medicaid Participation Rates for Doctors by State
Digging down a little deeper on the recently completed biennial survey of physicians by The Physicians Foundation, here are some details about how and where physicians do their jobs based on some important practice characteristics.
Great Road Trips, Part 1: Northwestern Nebraska's Pioneer Trail
So many settlers – 350,000 to 500,000 – made their way through northwestern Nebraska between 1840 and the early 1860s. More than 150 years later, you can still stand in the ruts their footsteps and wagon wheels carved into the grass prairies.
How To Create a Flawed Business Model
Doctors are not very good at technology adoption and frequently make Type 1 or Type 2 technology adoption errors.
How To Ditch an Insurance Policy You Don't Want
The tax code can be your friend if you think you are locked into a high-cost insurance product. Here's what to do.

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