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The Art of a Physician Entrepreneur
The Art of a Physician Entrepreneur
During a recent visit to Philadelphia, I went to the Barnes Foundation. Named after Dr. Albert C. Barnes, it houses one of the most valuable art collections in the world.
Inception: How I Decided to Pursue an Early Retirement
I was on track for a typical comfortable retirement after a lengthy stressful career. I discovered a website, which led to an idea that has changed my life.
Virtual Reality Opens New Doors Across Healthcare
When virtual reality technology first came on the scene it most definitely targeted the gaming industry. Now hospitals and healthcare organizations are eager to test virtual reality in different situations.
What We Can Learn From an Ostrich
The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. clearly explains and illustrates what a CFP® professional could do for a client. From “starting out, settling down, entering midlife, near retirement, and enjoying retirement” by following a plan and consulting with a qualified advisor individuals conceivably should reach their financial goals.
Fall Travel and Trip Deals
Along with falling leaves, autumn brings falling prices in many destinations where September through November is shoulder season. Take advantage of the deals to vacation in the mountains, on beaches, in the desert and along the river.
What is The ROI on Digital Health?
One question that still remains unanswered to many is the return on investment on digital health, including telemedicine. Most see the return as improvement in population health outcomes, the patient experience, and the doctor experience at less cost.
Making Medical Education More Profitable (and Actually Applicable)
In a previous post, I talked about changing the US system to make medical school free or even pay to-be doctors from day one of medical school so that they don't have a soul-crushing debt smothering their empathy and directing their specialty selection.
The 5 Most Important Money Lessons I Teach My Residents
Here is some of the best advice I give my residents regarding finance, money, and life.

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