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What is The ROI on Digital Health?
What is The ROI on Digital Health?
One question that still remains unanswered to many is the return on investment on digital health, including telemedicine. Most see the return as improvement in population health outcomes, the patient experience, and the doctor experience at less cost.
Making Medical Education More Profitable (and Actually Applicable)
In a previous post, I talked about changing the US system to make medical school free or even pay to-be doctors from day one of medical school so that they don't have a soul-crushing debt smothering their empathy and directing their specialty selection.
The 5 Most Important Money Lessons I Teach My Residents
Here is some of the best advice I give my residents regarding finance, money, and life.
New Info On Money and Happiness
When people are exposed to a stack of money before eating a piece of chocolate, they savor the chocolate less. Our seemingly endless fascination with the subject continues to generate new information that may shine a light on our pursuit of lucre and hopefully thereby illumine our lives.
How To Find The Right Doctor
Online physician directories and rating sites are popping up around the world. Some are private ventures, some are supported by insurance companies, and others are consumer apps rating services. Their business models vary, but the idea is to give patients the information they need to find the right doctor to treat their problem with a satisfactory outcome.
Don't Just Do Something. Stand There!
When the markets are in turmoil, investors feel they'd better do something. More often than not, they are better served by doing nothing.
Physician Intrapreneurial Success Factors
Physician intrapreneurs are employed doctors trying to act like entrepreneurs in their organizations. Like all other entrepreneurs, their goal is to create user defined value through the deployment of innovation.

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