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PMD's Most Popular Stories for the Week Ending Feb. 5
PMD's Most Popular Stories for the Week Ending Feb. 5
Here's a look at the five most popular stories on PMD for the week that ended Feb. 5.
5 Cruise Ship Travel Trends and 'Wave Season' Deals
Get a deal on a cruise voyage by taking advantage of current promotions. We’re in the heart of "wave season," typically January to March, when cruise lines attempt to lure passengers to book future voyages by dangling promotions and time-limited deals.
The Price of Gas and Its Impact on Your Investments
The low, low price of gasoline is good for your wallet. But is it good for your investments?
It's Time To Take The Road Less Traveled: The 4 Pillars of Innovation Adoption
This article builds on the eight essentials of innovation, discussing the four components that need to be in place for successful implementation.
Judging Surgical Quality: How to Keep Score?
As bundled payments move forward, surgical outcomes are coming more and more into focus. But a nagging issue remains: How to keep score?
The Simple Concept of Paying Yourself First
Saving and investing, whether for a rainy day, extra income, or retirement, is viewed by many people as a "nice to have" rather than a "need to have." Here's why that's the wrong way to think about it.
Dealing with Bad Online Reviews
No matter how good your medical skills or bedside manner, all physicians will have to deal with some unhappy patients. What do you do when those unhappy patients take to the Internet?
Data, Data, Everywhere: What’s the Problem?
Health data is exploding and threatens to overwhelm our ability to store, analyze, and use it. Still, major challenges remain.
Good News for 401(k) Participants
New research shows people whose retirement savings are in 401(k) plans should be earning more than they did a few years ago.

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