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10 Ways Doctors Fail to Consider Patients' Financial Concerns
10 Ways Doctors Fail to Consider Patients' Financial Concerns
As healthcare costs rise, financial concerns are becoming a bigger and bigger factor in many patients' health choices. Unfortunately, many patients don't communicate their concerns to their doctors.
Dermatologist Entrepreneur Encourages Others to Follow Suit
A Florida dermatologist and avid entrepreneur says more physicians should realize that medical practice and entrepreneurship can be a great fit.
What to Do About Poorly Performing Hospitals?
Patients who go to poorly performing hospitals face starkly different health outcomes. Fixing those hospitals is a multi-part problem.
The Psychology of Collecting
Many different factors motivate people to become collectors. These are some of the most common.
Would You Pass a Financial Literacy Test?
Studies suggest more than half of Americans are financially illiterate. One reason: Many people remain undiagnosed.
Perhaps Money Can Buy 'Personal' Happiness, After All
British researchers have “found people who spend money on things they enjoy (hobbies, interests, etc.) tend to be happier than their peers. What they mean, of course, is not spending money for the heck of it, but rather spending it on things that express one’s personality.”
The 10 Best Islands for Your Summer Getaway
If Spring Fever is starting to get the best of you, it might be time to start planning your island vacation. A new list spotlights the 10 best islands in the US.
10 Reasons Doctors Don't Care About Customer Service
Patient-customer service, to put it mildly, is an opportunity for improvement. Yet, most of the things that bug patients before, during, and after the visit can be easily fixed by the doctor and care team.
10 Rules for Accelerating Health Redesign and Improvement
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has been a proponent of the acceleration of healthcare redesign. This article highlights the 10 suggested rules for acceleration of health redesign.

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