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Plan Ahead Part 3: From Californian to French Fall Adventures
Plan Ahead Part 3: From Californian to French Fall Adventures
There’s something soothing about being in a fall landscape where the breeze makes the hillsides billow with waves of red, yellow, and rust. Ride a chairlift for panoramic views, hike the hillsides, take a scenic train ride, or pedal through wine country in the US or Europe.
My One-Time Mega Roth Conversion: A $162,000 Mistake?
In 2010, I converted a sizable SEP-IRA to Roth, paying a six-figure tax bill. What was I thinking?!?
Private Museums and the IRS
While most private museums are a benefit to owners, donors and visitors, there is a potential for abuse. If the museum is mainly a tax dodge for owners, it could affect unknowing donors as well.
How Important Is Financial Literacy?
Not surprisingly, financial literacy roughly matches the amount of education that a person has. And the less financial savvy you have, the harder it hits you in the pocketbook.
Can Free Market Ideology Ever Work for Sick Care?
Sick care policy proponents seem to be divided into two basic camps: “the invisible-handers,” who believe that medicine is a consumer product like any other, and “heavy handers,” who believe that sick care is a right and rules and regulations should serve to provide all citizens with affordable sick care.
What the Presidential Candidates are Saying About Student Loans
With the amount of the country’s student loan debt continuing to grow and the presidential elections just around the corner, it’s important to hear what each of the 2016 presidential candidates have to say about student loans, and what they’re going to do about college tuition and student loan debt, especially for physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals.
Must-Know Tips for Flying with Pets
August 26 is National Dog Day, and like all family trips, traveling with a dog takes planning. Here are some tips on how to keep your dog, and cat, safe when flying.
5 Easy Ways to Save on Your Cellphone Bill
Let's face it - many of us no longer have a landline. Our mobile phone has become our go-to device for telephony, messaging and mobile access to the internet. So let's talk about 5 easy ways we can save on this expensive but necessary service.

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