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Cash in on Some Money Humor
We all know 1) people don’t like to laugh about their money and 2) people will laugh if it can break the tension in our anxieties about money.
The US Destinations That Deliver the Greatest Satisfaction
Las Vegas, Austin, Orlando, New York, and Columbus deliver the most satisfaction to travelers, according to the J.D. Power 2016 Destination Experience Satisfaction Study.
The Substantial Financial Benefit of Lifestyle Deflation
Curbing an out of control spending habit can put you back on a path to financial freedom. I've got the numbers to prove it!
Physician Entrephrenology
Entrepreneurs are hard to figure out, yet many make a living teaching, writing, consulting, and advising about them. Most of ‘blah, blah’ is hypothesis and opinion.
Surprising Results About Physicians' Belief in God
A University of Chicago study concluded that a whopping 76% of doctors stated that they believe in God, compared with about 70% of Americans overall.
5 Cheap Ways to Meet Credit Card Spending Requirements
Credit card companies are giving out bigger and bigger sign-up bonuses to earn your business. However, there are usually some strings attached. In order to qualify, you are usually required to spend x dollars within y months of account opening. So let's talk about 5 of the cheapest ways to meet these lofty requirements.
The DIY Screening Referral Business Model
While the advantages to the consumer are many, there are also perils of DIY medicine and this test-and-refer business model.

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