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Minimally Viable Products and Markets
Minimally Viable Products and Markets
The problem with many minimal viable products is their developers start with the wrong mentality and mindset.
Gambling Addiction: When Finances and Medicine Meet
Gambling addiction is another one of those afflictions that people are uncomfortable to acknowledge and talk about – but it is much more widespread than most of us are aware.
Is Now the Right Time to Pay Off Your Mortgage?
Whether or not a mortgage is worthwhile to you depends on its interest rate and expected forward interest rates, as well as your stage in life and other factors.
How to Minimize Tax Drag in a Taxable Brokerage Account
Simply stated, tax drag is the amount that your returns in a taxable account are decreased by taxes. It is commonly given as a percentage of the portfolio
Why You Should NOT Treat Patients Like Family
One of the most memorable moments I remember from medical school was when one of my family medicine attendings told me
5 Easy Ways Busy Docs Make Extra Money
There are simple, easy ways anyone can make extra cash, including busy full time docs.
63% of Docs Are Pessimistic About Their Job Future, And More Survey Results
America’s physicians are changing their practice patterns in ways that will inhibit patient access to care, and they are largely disengaged from the mechanisms of healthcare reform such as value-based payments, accountable care organizations, and electronic medical records…
Lessons from the I-Corps
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded five new grants to teach entrepreneurship and to support research and innovation at regional hubs across the United States under its Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program.

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