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New Info On Money and Happiness
When people are exposed to a stack of money before eating a piece of chocolate, they savor the chocolate less. Our seemingly endless fascination with the subject continues to generate new information that may shine a light on our pursuit of lucre and hopefully thereby illumine our lives.
How To Find The Right Doctor
Online physician directories and rating sites are popping up around the world. Some are private ventures, some are supported by insurance companies, and others are consumer apps rating services. Their business models vary, but the idea is to give patients the information they need to find the right doctor to treat their problem with a satisfactory outcome.
Don't Just Do Something. Stand There!
When the markets are in turmoil, investors feel they'd better do something. More often than not, they are better served by doing nothing.
Physician Intrapreneurial Success Factors
Physician intrapreneurs are employed doctors trying to act like entrepreneurs in their organizations. Like all other entrepreneurs, their goal is to create user defined value through the deployment of innovation.
Personality Traits of Wealthy People
What do rich people have in common? A number of factors influence how much a person will earn throughout life and how much wealth he or she will accumulate.
5 Reasons I’m Cutting My First Attending Paycheck in Half
I asked a few wise, seasoned, and revered radiologists, what is the minimum amount of work days per week a radiologist need to stay sharp in her trade? Average answer is 2 days per week.
5 Financial Milestones for Healthcare Professionals under 30
This post is inspired by a story shared with me by a friend on 10 Financial Milestones Successful People Hit Before They Turn 30. While many of the milestones mentioned also apply to healthcare trainees, our unique career choice and the sacrifices we make demand a different set of priorities. Here are what I consider the 5 most important financial milestones for healthcare trainees to hit before they turn 30.

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