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Buying Happiness: How Giving Gets You (Not Just Intangible) Things
Buying Happiness: How Giving Gets You (Not Just Intangible) Things
It turns out giving money may buy you happiness and, on average, make you more money in the process.
Patients Fear Physician Exploiters, Not Physician Innovators
Like some pharma companies, physician exploiters game the system. Physician innovators, on the other hand, are focused on addressing unmet patient needs as their first priority.
Mylan and the EpiPen: Greed is Good?
Mylan Pharmaceuticals is in hot waters for hiking the price of 2 EpiPens from $100 in 2007 to more than $600 today. Mylan and its CEO Heather Bresch are now being mentioned alongside infamous names like Valeant and Martin Shkreli. This new-found notoriety for Mylan brings to mind Gordon Gekko’s famous “Greed is Good” speech. Let’s examine the facts.
TripAdvisor's Top 25 US Attractions
TripAdvisor’s recently released Attractions Trend Index reveals what your fellow Americans have been thinking about doing this summer – some of which they may have already done.
Plan Ahead Part 3: From Californian to French Fall Adventures
There’s something soothing about being in a fall landscape where the breeze makes the hillsides billow with waves of red, yellow, and rust. Ride a chairlift for panoramic views, hike the hillsides, take a scenic train ride, or pedal through wine country in the US or Europe.
My One-Time Mega Roth Conversion: A $162,000 Mistake?
In 2010, I converted a sizable SEP-IRA to Roth, paying a six-figure tax bill. What was I thinking?!?
Private Museums and the IRS
While most private museums are a benefit to owners, donors and visitors, there is a potential for abuse. If the museum is mainly a tax dodge for owners, it could affect unknowing donors as well.

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