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Buyout Agreements Are a 'Must Have' for Partnerships
Buyout Agreements Are a 'Must Have' for Partnerships
Buy/sell agreements, also known as buyout agreements, help ensure partners in a business have a plan, and a financial arrangement, if one partner withdraws or is unable to carry on in the business.
Why Reading Should Be One of Your Entrepreneurial Habits
Reading, whether it's business books or classic novels, can bring a variety of benefits to entrepreneurs.
Waging War on Debt, Veterans Face Ambiguity and Lack of Structure in Higher Education
A number of programs exist to help veterans pay for college. But as more and more vets take advantage of those problems, gaps and ambiguities in the programs are becoming more evident.
Wandering Wide-Eyed in America, Part 3: Discovering Our Early 19th Century Past
In Part 3 of his reflections on his adopted home country, Eric Anderson, MD, explores some of the crucial events of America's 19th century history.
Physician Entrepreneurs Are Leading Indicators
Economists like to follow leading and lagging indicators. When it comes to tracking biomedical and clinical innovation and entrepreneurship, they should pay attention to patient and physician entrepreneurs as leading indicators.
The PMD Critical List: Zika Fears Prompt Doctors to Call for Olympic Changes
A group of more than 100 prominent physicians and professors is sounding the alarm about the dangers of holding this summer’s Olympics at the epicenter of the Zika Virus crisis. That story tops this week’s PMD Critical List. Also making the list: House calls lead to cost savings, even as the average family of four sees its health cost soaring.
Internist Starts Revolution in Women's Health
A New York internist followed her instincts into a totally new career direction. She's now become a popular author and launched her own line of vitamins and supplements.
Which Travel Rewards Credit Cards Are Best?
Airlines are getting stingier and stingier with their rewards, but more and more credit cards are offering benefits for travelers. Here's a look at some of the best.

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