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Cover Story
Physician Philanthropists Get More Than They Give
By Ed Rabinowitz
Through work in Tanzania, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Grenada and at home in the United States, these physicians spend their free time bringing care to those who need it and raising awareness where there is none.
Feature Article
Internist Persevered Through Childhood Molestation
By Ed Rabinowitz
Becoming a physician requires considerable effort and often involves overcoming significant hurdles. For Frank Spinelli, MD, FACP, his hurdle was being sexually abused by his scoutmaster.
Money and Finance
Avoid a Malpractice Lawsuit by Thinking Like an Attorney
By Steven Abernathy and Brian Luster
Physicians who are the most prepared for vexing, unwarranted, and time-consuming malpractice suits will thrive best in the future. To join their ranks, use these safe, inexpensive, proven malpractice defense strategies.
4 Social Security Benefit Strategies for Physicians
By Joel Greenwald, MD, CFP
Many physicians often don't give adequate thought and planning to the “when” and “how” of their Social Security benefits. This oversight might result in missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.
How to Find Money Under Your Own Roof
By Neil Keller, CPA/ABV, CVA, and Keith Kamperschroer, CPA, CHCC
If someone told you there are thousands of dollars hidden somewhere in your building, would you look for it? Medical practices are prime candidates for a cost segregation study, which can save thousands in taxes.
Travel and Leisure
Romania’s Recaptured and Restored Capital
By Eric Anderson, MD, and Nancy Anderson, RN
Once called “the Paris of the East,” Bucharest still shows signs of the vast and permanent destructive changes wrought on the city by despised despot Nicolae Ceausescu.
Gadgets and Technology
The Evolution of Wearable Wellness Technology
By Laura Joszt
A small minority of Americans currently own wearable technology such as smartwatches and mobile health tracking devices, but the consumer space is getting more and more crowded as companies jump into the mix.