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Cover Story
Sports Physicians Are Vital Part of the Team
By Ed Rabinowitz
When these physicians attend sporting events, then watch the game in a different way than the average fan.
Feature Article
Moving into the Age of Digital Health
By Adam Hochron
As the days of the file folders crammed with patient information passes, the question becomes what doctors’ offices will look like in the digital age.
Physician Voices
Work of Gastroenterologist Spurs Growth of Gluten-free Market
By Ed Rabinowitz
Alessio Fasano, MD, came to the US from Italy looking to expand his horizons beyond celiac disease. Instead, he became a leader in the treatment, research, and education of celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders.
Money and Finance
A Third of Americans Have Made the Worst Retirement Saving Mistake
By Laura Joszt
Nearly a third of Americans have made one of the worst retirement savings mistakes, and nearly half who have regretted doing so.
Coping with the New Financial Uncertainties
By Steven Podnos, MD, CFP
Financial planner Steve Podnos, MD, CFP, provides advice about budgeting and investing for physicians who are looking to improve their financial security in these tough economic times.
Travel and Leisure
Madrid Unplugged
By John Fitzgerald
Spain’s best-kept secret offers excitement, stunning architecture, and walkable neighborhoods.
Gadgets and Technology
Should Physicians Be Prescribing Health Apps?
By Laura Joszt
A few years ago the idea of physicians prescribing apps to their patients seemed ridiculous. However, health apps have become a large market and physicians are embracing them when interacting with patients.