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Cover Story
Serving Their Country With Stethoscope in Hand
By Ed Rabinowitz
Although they came from different backgrounds, these physicians all took their medical degree to the US Armed Forces to care for soldiers and serve their country.
Feature Article
Doctors, Patients Differ on End-of-Life Care Preferences
By Rachel Lutz
Patients and caregivers prefer thinking in terms of quality of life over quantity of life, though their physicians may not be on the same page.
Physician Voices
ER Doctor Builds Career on a Promise
By Ed Rabinowitz
Emergency medical physician Sampson Davis is giving back to the community where he grew up and fulfilling a pact he made with 2 of his high school friends.
Money and Finance
The Danger in Being Too Risk Averse
By Laura Joszt
While many Americans came out of the recession feeling like they were in better control of their finances, one age group has definitely been the most affected by the financial crisis of 2008.
Pros, Cons of Investing in Private Equity Funds
By Paul Jacobs, CFP
Adding private equity funds to your portfolio can lead to higher returns and lower risk over the long term, but choosing a private fund takes much more due diligence than selecting a mutual fund.
Travel and Leisure
How a Cruise Can Simplify Your Vacation
By Eric Anderson, MD, and Nancy Anderson, RN
Cruises not only simply the vacation experience, but they also enable visits to countries that might be difficult to navigate otherwise.
Gadgets and Technology
Physicians Find Innovative Uses for Google Glass
By Laura Joszt
Physicians who are proponents of Google Glass in healthcare are ever coming up with new uses for the device.