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Editor's Letter
Single Accreditation Standard for MD, DO Graduate Medical Education: Addition by Subtraction
By Martin Quan, MD
A single accreditation standard for graduate medical education in the United States will not only bolster training programs for MDs and DOs, but also improve patient care.
FPR Journal Club
Controversial Changes to Screening Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Care
By James Kim, MD, and Frank J. Domino, MD
The American Academy of Pediatrics designed the 2014 Recommendations for Pediatrics Preventive Health Care to guide well-child care, but there is controversy over some of the changes.
Intrauterine System Matches Efficacy of Hysterectomy in Menorrhagia
By Parisa Samimi, MD, and Frank J. Domino, MD
While a variety of surgical procedures can treat menorrhagia in premenopausal women, a recent study added a non-surgical alternative to the mix.
Updated Recommendations for Gestational Diabetes Streamline Screening Methods
By Kristin Gerson, MD, and Frank J. Domino, MD
In response to the growing prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus and its associated morbidities, much attention has been paid to the use of appropriate screening methodologies for the metabolic disorder.
Low Likelihood of Adverse Cardiovascular Events Seen in Today's Survivors of Kawasaki Disease
By Emily Chen, MD, and Frank J. Domino, MD
Though it once led to major adverse cardiovascular events, Kawasaki disease has evolved into a condition that is routinely overcome without significant morbidity.
Swapping Soda for Coffee Can Reduce Stroke Risk
By Amy Watson, MD, and Frank J. Domino, MD
Perhaps, a very simple change in beverage choice could reduce the stroke burden in the United States.
Consultant's Corner
How Should I Approach This Woman with Migraine Headaches?
By Charles Flippen II, MD
Although many migraine sufferers can abort their headaches with over-the-counter remedies, a significant percentage of patients require prescription medication for relief.
Radiology Rounds
Chest Radiograph Cost-effectively Detects Benign Pulmonary Lesion
By James D. Collins, MD
Hamartomas can be found incidentally via chest radiograph, a cost-effective screening tool that should always be part of the initial evaluation in patient care.
Pain Perspectives
Treating Depression in Pain Patients Is a Primary Care Timesaver
By Michael E. Schatman, PhD, CPE
Regardless of a primary care provider's situation, depression in patients with chronic pain cannot be ignored.
The HIT List
Text Messaging Exposes Physicians to Significant Security, Privacy Risks
By Katie Eder, Managing Editor
Although many physicians currently utilize a mobile device to communicate more efficiently with colleagues and patients, most of them neither consider the substantial privacy and security risks involved with text messaging, nor include the health information they send and receive via text message in their medical records.
Meaningful Use of EHR Does Not Certify Improved Care Quality
By Katie Eder, Managing Editor
Designated “meaningful users” of electronic health record systems do not deliver improved care for common chronic diseases.
Dermatology Quiz
Congenital Skin Lesion in a Newborn
By Daniel Stulberg, MD
This newborn infant was noted to have a congenital skin malformation on both sides of his face. However, the pregnancy was uncomplicated, he is feeding well, and no other abnormalities were seen on examination.
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