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Novel Gene Therapy Shows Promise As Hemophilia Treatment
Scientists have successfully engineered platelet cells in dogs to express higher levels of factor VIII, paving the way for further tests in humans.
Specialty Pharmacies May Improve Care for Hemophilia Patients
Study suggests coagulation factor products should be billed through the pharmacy benefit and provided by specialty pharmacies.
FDA Approves Prophylactic Treatment for Hemophilia Patients with Inhibitors
Study results show FEIBA (anti-inhibitor coagulant complex) produced a 72 percent reduction in median annual bleed rate compared to treatment with an on-demand regimen.
Hemophiliac Patients with HIV Show Increased Amount of Immune Cells Targeting HIV
Study results suggest that patients with long-term HIV who also have hemophilia may have an increased proportion of immune cells in their blood that target HIV.
Hybrid Protein Increases Factor IX Life in Hemophilia B Patients
Hemophilia B patients treated with a new hybrid protein experience more effective coagulation that requires fewer injections.
Expert Insight into Hemophilia Treatment Options
The AJMCtv Peer Exchange video editorial series provides a multi-stakeholder perspective on important issues facing medical professionals in the evolving healthcare landscape. The recent multi-part “Rare Diseases” panel discussion featured several segments that focused on the treatment of hemophilia.