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Turoctocog Alfa May Not Offer Benefits Compared to Current Treatment for Hemophilia
A drug that was approved less than 1 year ago to help with the prevention and treatment of bleeding in patients with hemophilia A may not have the desired effect, according to a recent study.
Study Looks at Factors that Affect Outcomes with FVIII Therapies
Patients on FVIII therapies may develop antibodies that diminish treatment efficacy, may not be able to handle frequent dosing schedules, and may not be able to afford the cost of treatment.
Novel Gene Therapy in Development for Hemophilia A
Bayer Healthcare and Dimension Therapeutics recently announced a partnership to advance innovative treatment options for patients with hemophilia A.
FDA Approves Eloctate for Bleeding Episodes in Hemophilia A
Fewer injections and longer duration of treatment effect should lead to significant improvements in quality of life.
FDA Approves Alprolix for Hemophilia B
Prophylactic treatment for hemophilia B requires fewer injections than current options.
New Treatment Improves Quality of Life in Patients with Hemophilia B
Study results indicate BAX326 shows potential and is an efficacious and safe alternative treatment for patients with hemophilia B.