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Treatment for Hemophilia B Patients Is Effective, Well-Tolerated
By Rachel Lutz
Nonacog beta pegol was well-tolerated and effective for treatment of bleeding episodes in hemophilia B patients, and was associated with low annualized bleeding rates.
FDA Approves Acquired Hemophilia A Treatment
By Rachel Lutz
A drug to treat acquired hemophilia A was approved by the FDA, according to a statement made by manufacturer Baxter International Inc.
Hemophilia B Treatment Approved for Children
By Rachel Lutz
The FDA has approved Rixubis for the treatment of hemophilia B in children, manufacturer Baxter International Inc. announced.
Inhibitor Screening Vital for All Hemophilic Patients
By Rachel Lutz
Inhibitor screening is important for all hemophilia patients, not just those at high risk, according to a study by the CDC.
Low-cost Factor VIII in Development
By Rachel Lutz
Companies will use cell line development studies to determine where factor VIII manufacturing costs can be lowered without sacrificing efficacy.
rFIXFc Controls Hemophilic Patient Perioperative Bleeding
By Rachel Lutz
During surgery, rFIXFc controlled hemophilia patients’ perioperative bleeding, according to a study published in the British Journal of Haemotology.