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Cover Story
The Lifestyles of Physician Executives
By Ed Rabinowitz
Making the transition from the clinical side of healthcare to the leadership suite requires grit, drive, and the ability to take a step back.
Physician Voices
Shrink to the Stars Stays Firmly on the Ground
By Ed Rabinowitz
Beverly Hills psychiatrist Carole Lieberman is more than a shrink to the stars. She’s an Emmy winner, an activist, an expert witness, and a soothing voice to many.
Money and Finance
A Pre-retirement Financial Checklist
By James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP
As doctors enter their 50s and 60s, many start dreaming about retirement; unfortunately, properly planning for retirement requires as much time and effort as planning a career.
How Disability Insurance Benefits Physicians
By H. William Wolfson, DC, FICC, MS, MPAS, and Jason Newfield, Esq.
The decision to purchase individual disability insurance should be examined carefully with cost being only one determining factor.
The Check Up
5 Doctor Specialties Facing Shortages
By Jared Kaltwasser
It’s no secret that doctors will be in high demand in the coming years. Baby Boomers are retiring and expected to consume more healthcare as they age. The country’s working-age population, meanwhile, isn’t growing fast enough to keep up.
Travel and Leisure
New Orleans: Home to America’s First Licensed Pharmacy
By Laura Joszt
Just a few blocks away from the Mississippi River, in New Orleans’ French Quarter, sits a piece of medical history — the apothecary shop of America’s first licensed pharmacist.
Gadgets and Technology
How Telemedicine Transforms Care, Reduces Costs
By Adam Hochron
As medical practices of all sizes look at ways technology can increase efficiency while keeping costs under control, a House committee put a congressional microscope on the advances made in telemedicine in recent years.