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The Pulse
Fixed Annuities: Don’t Jump Now
By Anna Pfaehler, CFP
15 Places to Retire Rich
By Laura Joszt
Top 10 Financial Planning Tools
By By Janet Hoffman, CFA, CFP
Personal Finance
The Psychology of Money
By Marty Martin, MD
Practice Management
Compensation Rules are Changing
By Keith Kamperschroer, CPA, CHCC, and Matt Pluster
EMR Launch Nightmares
By Ed Rabinowitz
Make More Money as a Self-Investor
By Shirley Mueller, MD
Protect Your Money and Your Mind
By Laura Joszt
A Medical Malpractice Survival Guide
Medical Malpractice Trial Guide
Michael Kelton, Esq., of New York law firm Abrams Fensterman discusses what a physician can expect during a medical malpractice lawsuit.