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You're a Physician, Not a Day-Trader
Day-trading sounds exciting, but unless you have a very good grasp on what you're doing, you stand a great chance of losing big.
Make Your Financial Decisions Based on Evidence
Most important decisions should be based on the evidence. The sad truth is, in the financial world people don't make their decisions the evidence.
Across the Great Plain of Poland, Part 2: Saints and Science
A journey across Poland's plains leads the Andersons to the hometown of Nicolaus Copernicus, who offended the church and endangered his own life when he discovered that the earth revolved around the sun.

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Moderator Tom Wilson asks each panelist to share his thoughts and predictions on what he sees happening to the Affordable Care Act in the next 12 months.
This is one segment in two expert physicians’ discussion of Ebola taped in our Plainsboro, NJ studio. To view all the segments, click here.
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