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Financial Elder Abuse, Again
The current cover story of “Consumer Reports” makes us take another, long look at a widespread, growing, and underreported form of elder abuse, the financial fraud kind.
The Medical Paperwork Reduction Act of 2016
Sick care is broken. The processes of delivering care to patients and families are burdensome, time consuming, frustrating, laden with administrivia, and causing a deterioration of how doctors, nurses and other medical personnel deal with those who need their care. It is particularly irksome for the increasing numbers of seniors with chronic, complex illnesses taking multiple medications.
Travel Insurance: Yes, It's Worth It
For big ticket vacations that require hefty deposits months in advance, especially for international trips, don’t leave home without travel insurance. Because you never know.
Avoid the Scam and the Spam
I consider myself a very aware consumer, so I was surprised when very recently, I was the target of a minor but relatively sophisticated online scam. (No, I didn’t front the Nigerian prince several thousand dollars in return for millions once his fortune was released.)

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