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Diagnose this Patient's Rash
A 50-year-old forest ranger noted this rash, which he thinks has been present for several weeks. He noticed a similar rash on his dog. It is itchy, with a raised red border and a clear center. It may have increased in size slightly over several weeks. He is otherwise asymptomatic. What is the next step in treating him?
NRAS and BRAF Status to Determine Melanoma Survival?
A recent study observed the likelihood of survival and other aspects of melanoma depending on a patient’s NRAS and BRAF status.
Melanoma Patients Experience Delays in Surgery
A recent study looked specifically at patients on Medicare who require surgery for their melanoma and their wait time before going under the knife.
Finasteride for Alopecia: Scrutinizing Study Results
For patients with Androgenic Alopecia (AGA), Finasteride is a popular treatment option.

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