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Infections, Not Antibiotics Spark Pediatric Psoriasis Risk
The risk of developing psoriasis can be attributed to infections, not antibiotic use.
Interleukin 1 receptor antagonist Anakinra was found to benefit patients afflicted with severe hidradenitis suppurativa, a common skin disorder characterized by excessive inflammation.
The severity of nail and scalp psoriasis was significantly reduced in patients who received twice-daily treatment with Otezla (apremilast, Celgene).
Supposedly “unbeatable” eczema (atopic dermatitis) can be successfully treated using tofacitinib, suggest findings published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.
Researchers sought to identify characteristics associated with past malpractice lawsuits and how malpractice concerns may affect interpretive practices among dermatopathologists.
College kids who break out or get hives can, in fact, blame some of their skin problems on heightened levels of psychological stress.
Recent research has discovered evidence potentially supporting a parent-of-origin effect in psoriatic disease.

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