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Scrubs Harbor Dangerous Microbes in ICU, Study Finds
In hospital settings, caregivers’ clothing can harbor dangerous microbes, a study of nurses’ scrubs worn in the intensive care unit has found.
Although DAAs achieve sustained virologic response rates above 90%, they are expensive in both Canada and the US. A recent Canadian study examined the limitations hepatitis C patients there face in receiving reimbursement for their treatment.
Could the interaction of Zika virus with similar flaviviruses like Dengue and Chikungunya be the reason why Zika virus has turned so virulent after decades of being a minor illness?
An interesting discovery about some Irish women exposed to the hepatitis C virus in the late 1970s has led scientists to study the possible existence of a super immune gene.
One of the biggest safety risks for diabetes patients on insulin is hypoglycemia. As new treatments are developed there is a concerted effort to minimize the risk of this as part of their overall treatment picture.
Innovators have implemented pay-for-performance mandates, value-based purchasing, electronic health systems, and meticulous reporting programs. But has the quality of care or patient satisfaction improved?
Measuring the hepatitis C virus (HCV) antigen in patients who are receiving protease inhibitors (PI) could provide an alternative to monitoring treatment response, according to a recent study.
In many, if not most cases, there can be a break in the chain between researchers and the doctors they are developing treatments for. When that divide does not exist it can mean more direct access for doctors and patients to the latest treatments even in the development stages.
Though testing patients in the emergency department for hepatitis C adds time to their length of stay, the benefits of detection are self-evident.

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