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Sex Impacts Pain Relief Benefits of Marijuana
Although indications for medicinal marijuana differ by state, pain is a common condition behind a prescription. But the pain relief effects appear to be greater in men.
One of the biggest differences between military and civilian medicine is the very real chance of being deployed to a forward military unit from a stateside appointment. Lessons from those experiences can shape a doctor's practice back in their home country.
The life of a civilian doctor may not be all that different from a military doctor but there are certain differences which can make it a unique experience for those who serve in military medicine.
The development of new novel oral anticoagulants has made a definite impact in the field in a short period of time. Work is being done to bring reversal agents into the field which can work with these new medications.
Since the days when Warfarin was the lone option in anticoagulants a considerable amount of research has been conducted leading to the development of new novel oral anticoagulants.
In the United States the availability of the latest technology can vary depending on geographic locations in some cases. This can be a greater problem for service members stationed around the world.
Cardiac CT scans can be important in diagnosing various conditions but may not be appropriate for all cardiologists to perform. As a result, with specialized training the results can be dramatically improved to help both civilian and military patients.
At Walter Reed National Military Medical Center there is an extra focus in ensuring tests are accurate for service members either before deploying or when they return home. As a result they have made a concerted effort to improve several tests including cardiac CT.
While it is clear the opioid abuse problem is not going away, those working in the field are still determined to ensure that the problems of the past do not interfere with success in the future.

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