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CDC Alarmed by US Tapeworm Brain Infections
CDC Alarmed by US Tapeworm Brain Infections
Seizures and other neurological problems traced to pork tapeworms are a new health threat for the US, the CDC reports.
Salmonella Outbreak in 9 States Due to Sushi Confirmed by CDC
A salmonella outbreak traced back to sushi made with raw tuna has infected a total of 53 individuals so far.
Diabetes Drug Addresses Inflammation in HIV Patients
Sitagliptin appears to have beneficial systemic and adipose anti-inflammatory effects in combination antiretroviral therapy-treated HIV-positive adults with impaired glucose tolerance. The drug may prevent cardiovascular problems by reducing inflammation linked to heart disease and stroke in this patient population.
Two Companies Enter into Hepatitis C Drug Development Deal
Achillion Pharmaceuticals has joined forces with Janssen Pharmaceuticals to develop a short-duration oral regimen to treat chronic hepatitis C, the companies announced.
A Different Look at Vaccinations
The author reviews several important changes to this year’s vaccine recommendations for adults and children from the CDC.
Infections Can Lower Your IQ
In addition to causing pain and discomfort and requiring antibiotics, a Danish study revealed that infections can negatively affect cognitive ability.

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