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What We Learned About Depression in 2015
The past 12 months have brought new insight to major depressive disorder which only brings hope to a better future.
Refining data presented earlier this month at the American Epilepsy Society meeting, NYU Langone researchers published a report on medical marijuana and intractable epilepsy in Lancet Neurology.
Whether it is a parent concerned about their child's health or a doctor in a hospital looking to prevent the spreading of germs an alternative for a stethoscope could be a welcome addition to the health care field. With iPhones being a common tool in life bringing the two together could benefit people in many ways.
Although multiple sclerosis is an incurable disease, progress in pathology and treatment over the past year have helped to one day make a cure a reality.
A recent analysis determined that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the leading factor for stroke in African adults.
A recent review provides a sobering picture of the missing clinical links in research regarding current pharmacological treatment for chronic postoperative pain.
The makeup of the diets of patients with multiple sclerosis may impact the progression of the disease, especially dietary fatty acids.
Researchers have identified an "entry level" set of phenotypes that should be collected for any genetic study of neuropathic pain.
Maintaining higher vitamin D levels in patients’ teenage years may push off multiple sclerosis onset into later in life.

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