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Q&A With Deborah Miller From Cleveland Clinic: Measuring Quality of Life Issues In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
There are many factors that patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis need to consider when managing their condition. While the physical symptoms can be the highest priority, quality of life is an area which is gaining greater recognition in the field.
The number of stroke incidence estimates remains about the same, whether those estimates are based on the physician’s opinion or on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings, according to a Cincinnati, Ohio study.
As the number of treatment options for multiple sclerosis continues to grow patients and their doctors are left to find the right choice for them in order to manage the disease as successfully as possible. This can be a long process that can have a long lasting impact on their overall health.
Even as more medications are developed for relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients those with the primary progressive form have been left waiting for news on their condition. According to recent studies the first step in that process may soon be coming to the market.
With doctors having to take on more administrative work in addition to their patient care duties finding systems that can help them accomplish their goals without adding more time consuming tasks can be crucial.
The effect of spinal cord injuries may be alleviated with low-frequency epidural electrostimulation , according to findings published in Spinal Cord.
Newer medications for the treatment of multiple sclerosis have been developed in recent years but for some patients interferon remains the starting point for pharmaceutical options.

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