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This Advanced Ultrasound Headset Can Recognize Concussions in Athletes
Physicians can now more accurately recognize concussions in athletes by using an advanced form of ultrasound.
Clemastine fumarate, an over-the-counter drug used to fight allergies, can also treat vision damage in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).
Whether it is communicating with friends, loved ones, or their health care providers, being able to communicate effectively can help them feel better about their conditions which can help the overall treatment process.
It may seem obvious, but being able to effectively communicate to patients about their cardiovascular care can have a dramatic impact on treatment in the long run.
During pregnancy, a mother's vitamin D deficiency may increase her child's risk for multiple sclerosis.
Study results confirm that anxiety and depression before surgery can significantly influence the amount of pain a patient feels after surgery, adding to the evidence that the subjective experience of pain is worth considering, both before and after a pain intervention.
You do your best to attract qualified job candidates, ask the right interview questions and ultimately hire the best and the brightest to work at your practice. But, no matter what you do, it is inevitable that you will have problems with your workers from time to time.
Atypical height is a common reason for parents to bring children to pediatric endocrinologists.
Investigators have used data from more than 20,000 atrial fibrillation (AFib) patients to develop and validate a biomarker-based risk score that predicted major bleeding in those patients better than 2 widely used alternatives.

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