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Multiple Sclerosis: More Good News on Siponimod
Siponimod continues to look promising for multiple sclerosis. Researchers report good results on three-year extension of BOLD study.
Ravi Prasad, Phd, Stanford University, shared his work with the Stanford Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Pain Program to help improve patient quality of life.
Pain management is everyone's job. It's a human problem.
"Opiates are not the first line for every condition; they should not be reflexively prescribed," said Alexis LaPietra, DO, St. Joseph's Medical Center.
Lymphopenia may identify an immunologically distinct subset of MS, researchers report.
There is a lot of regulatory scrutiny, media attention ,and confusion about managing pain, so patient education should be at the forefront of physicians' minds.
Pain is the single most common reason people seek medical attention - more than heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

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