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Stem Cell Therapy for Myasthenia Gravis
Refractory cases of myasthenia gravis can be relieved by a new treatment based on replacing a patient’s immune system with new one created from transplants of his own stem cells, Canadian researchers report.
Physicians do not usually burn themselves out. The majority of the time it is the work environment which burns out the physician. Certain conditions and circumstances in the workplace can set-up unsuspecting doctors for job related burnout. You can take an on fire, passionate, purpose driven physician and put them in the wrong work environment and you will burn them out.
“Flip the Clinic” is an open experiment that involves breaking the traditional health care mold. Clinic flippers are using a new strategies and techniques to empower patients and engage them in their health care while maximizing time with practitioners.
Research indicates that both mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) appear to achieve greater improvements in back pain and functional limitations at 26 weeks, when compared with usual care, among adults with chronic low back pain.
If a young person has sleep problems, there’s an increased risk that they will have chronic pain in the long-term.
Multiple sclerosis patients may exhibit taste sensory deficits more often than previously understood, according to findings published in the Journal of Neurology.
An honest follow-up story to something we are all in danger of facing, burnout, and why it's so easy to find yourself back at the point of no return
How a doctor presents themselves on social media can determine how effective it is in getting their message across while also maintaining a safe barrier between them and their patients.
Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter may be regularly used by patients but some doctors have been slower to incorporate these tools into their practice.

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