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Do Adolescents Who Stop Abusing Alcohol Pick Up Other Vices?
Researchers report that not only does a reduction in the use of alcohol in adolescence not lead to replacement by tobacco or cannabis use, but that the same clustering effect blamed for high abuse of all three substances may also contribute to decreases across use of all three substances.
Researchers in the UK have concluded that lifestyle and patient comorbidities play a role in whether or not patients survive multiple sclerosis (MS). Susan Jick, DSc, of the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program, and colleagues, published the results from a population based observational study in the Journal of Neurology, in September 2015.
The authors of a previous study on the use of blood gene expression biomarkers to predict future hospitalizations due to suicidality recently published results from their research to identify genes that change in expression between no suicidal ideation (SI) and high SI states.
Anxiety can impact anyone, but athletes in pressure situations represent a heightened potential for nervousness to impact performance. An upcoming clinical trial in China will test the effectiveness of wrist-ankle acupuncture in treating precompetition nervous syndrome.
Elevated levels of a postsynaptic protein called neurogranin may be predictive of progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease.
Cognitive decline may occur faster than previously shown in patients with Parkinson’s disease.
After a stroke, if patients recover either motor skills or language skills, they are likely to recover both, a study found.

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