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Corrective Spinal Surgery Complications: An Analysis
A new, prospective study is shedding light on complications associated with adult spinal deformity surgery.
Targeting the formix, researchers in Arizona said electronic stimulation appeared to help Alzheimer's patients.
A pediatrician in Flint, MI faced a torrent of criticism and official denials when she discovered her patients were being poisoned by dangerously high levels of lead in their water. Here's the inside story of how she fought back.
In the years leading up to Hurricane Katrina striking New Orleans one of the leading health care providers in the city was working on finding its footing and direction heading into the 21st century. In the wake of the storm there was more flexibility to chart a new course into the future.
Study results indicate the protein regulator Trabid may be a promising target for developing novel treatments for patients with multiple sclerosis.
Adults who experience a concussion appear to have a three times greater risk of suicide than the general population, with this risk increasing among those who experience their concussion during the weekend.
At major institutions like Tulane University there is a considerable amount of focus and work on finding better ways to diagnose and treat sarcoidosis.
As more is learned about the treatment of sarcoidosis there is little doubt that steroids are not the final step in the development process. Doctors and researchers are working to find what that next step is.
Sarcoidosis is a condition which can affect many systems across the body which can make the diagnosis process a difficult one for patients and doctors alike.

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