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Bone Marrow Stem Cells Promising for Stroke
Stem cells from bone marrow may be beneficial in recovery from stroke, according to a new analysis of published research.
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Avoiding the Common Complications of Deep Brain Stimulation
Despite the generally positive history of deep brain stimulation, patients often have preconceptions about the procedure, especially its risks.
Rare, Serious Side Effect Reported with MS Drug
An unexpectedly high number of cases of thrombotic microangiopathy has been reported in a small number of multiple sclerosis patients who are taking Rebif (interferon beta 1-alpha).
Elderly African-Americans May Have Higher Alzheimer
Older African-Americans may be disproportionately burdened by Alzheimer's disease, according to a study published in the April issue of Health Affairs.
Yale University researchers have found a single “switch” in the brains of patients with epilepsy that determines whether an epileptic seizure will be mild or trigger a dangerous, debilitating loss of consciousness.
Pain Management
Closing the Postherpetic Neuralgia Treatment Gap in Primary Care
Noting the management and treatment of postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) are currently subpar in the primary care setting, 2 researchers recently reviewed and outlined key clinical considerations for the chronic neuropathic pain syndrome.
The Gray Plague: Effective Management Strategies for Dementia in Primary Care
Thorough screening, advance planning, careful medication selection, and caregiver education and training are the keys to effective management of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
In Older Women, Aerobic Training Ups Hippocampal Volume
For older women with probable mild cognitive impairment, aerobic training is associated with increased hippocampal volume, according to research published online April 7 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
Insomnia Linked to Increased Risk of Subsequent Stroke
Insomnia is associated with an increased risk of subsequent stroke, especially among younger adults, according to a study published online April 3 in Stroke.
Sebelius Stepping Down As HHS Secretary
US Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is stepping down from her position, after overseeing the troubled rollout of the Affordable Care Act that remains unpopular with some Americans and virtually all Republican lawmakers.
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