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How Do Newer Anticoagulants Compare with Warfarin?
How Do Newer Anticoagulants Compare with Warfarin?
In this segment of the Peer Exchange, the panelists discuss the clinical evidence comparing the newer oral anticoagulants to warfarin in terms of reducing stroke and systemic embolism.
Patients with ADHD Face Higher Risk of Death, Especially Women and Girls
Compared to healthy individuals, ADHD patients are 2 times more likely to die prematurely – and the risk is higher in women and girls.
Klinefelter Syndrome Is the Most Common Sex-Chromosome Disorder
A recent review article summarized the socioeconomic consequences of Klinefelter syndrome, which is the most frequent chromosomal aberration in humans and is associated with hypogonadism and neurocognitive deficits.
Expectation Versus Reality of Pain Makes All the Difference
The saying “it’s all in your head” may not be that far off when it comes to pain, according to a new study measuring brain activity.

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