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Coffee May Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Risk
Coffee May Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Risk
Researchers in the US and Sweden recently reported that coffee consumption in the years prior to multiple sclerosis symptom onset has a significant protective effect.
Is There a Common Gene Marking Pain, Fatigue, and Depression?
The lack of biomarkers for some life-changing conditions makes diagnoses and treatments more challenging. A new study identified possible biological factors for certain painful diseases.
Chronic Pain: Another Piece of the Puzzle Uncovered
Competing theories have long been put forth to explain more about the cause of chronic pain, but a new study may finally have shed light on the mystery.
2015's Best Cities for Bikers
Biking to work can be a great opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air. However, when it comes to bike friendliness, not all cities are created equal.
Is the Patient-Physician Trust Factor to Blame for the Opioid Epidemic?
Cases of prescription opioid misuse, abuse, and addiction are still on the rise, claiming thousands of lives each year.

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