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Kenneth Kendler from Virginia Commonwealth University: Studying the Link Between Marriage and Alcohol Use Disorder
What can a successful partnership at home mean for preventing alcohol abuse? According to one study that balance can mean the added ability to prevent a condition which can otherwise have a dramatic affect on their lives.
When wounded service members come home from war they have many areas of care that need to be addressed. Studies have shown that sexual health is an important part of the overall treatment picture.
Modern medicine focuses too much on extending life and too little on making sure that's the kind of life patients want. Using conversational skills like those of psychiatrists, that can change for the better.
French researchers examined several factors that could contribute to an association between antiepileptic drug use and risk of suicide attempt.
Although Lyme disease typically impacts the skin, joints, and heart, it can also cause a variety of neurologic and psychiatric complications for which there are no current treatment guidelines.
Greek physician Hippocrates believed doctors should be “clean in person, [and] well-dressed.”
Certifying and accrediting organizations have begun looking at a new quality metric: failure to rescue (FTR).
Whether they were quarterbacks, wide receivers, or defensive linemen in the National Football League (NFL), former players do not have a higher risk of suicide than the general population.
Stroke prevention works, but it can be challenging in places like Nigeria where resources are limited, healthyfood is expensive, and cultural beliefs may include witchcraft. A San Diego, CA team is working on strategy for stroke patients.

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