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Frailty and Surgical Outcomes in Older Patients
Although preoperative frailty in older adults is closely linked to postoperative adverse surgical outcomes, little research has been published to guide surgeons when faced with frail patients.
Obese patients had far more post-operative complications after back surgery, a New Jersey research team found.
Surgeons are more likely than ever to consider resective procedures in infants and young children who have refractory seizure disorders. Many reports describe good outcomes in infants and young children undergoing resective surgery, but longitudinal data have been published only rarely.
In a time of 24 hour technology usage students could be doing themselves more harm than they realize by keeping their cell phones close at hand at bedtime.
A review in the British Journal of Pain examined some recent research testing the effectiveness of CBT in treating chronic headache and migraine.
Sudoku puzzles may serve as a "brain workout" but in a case reported in Germany, the exercise proved too strenuous. Solving the puzzles gave a 25-year-old man seizures.
Autism risk may be linked to epigenetic differences in paternal sperm.

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