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Bioethics Grows, But Will Jobs Follow?
Bioethics programs have grown and they are turning out thousands of graduates, but a degree doesn't necessarily mean a job.
Stroke and cardiovascular risks have been associated with the most common and effective classes of drugs to treat migraines, but new research shows that these concerns could be unjustified.
Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) should be aware that using the drug mitoxantrone (Novantrone/ Pfizer, Teva) could increase their risk for colorectal cancer.
A drug extracted from the medicinal plant Oldenlandia affinis can block the progression of multiple sclerosis and was successful in animal models, according to researchers in Australia.
When a patient is dying, it can be difficult to know what to say to them. Here are a few tips and approaches that I have gathered from experts that I hope will help you get through those hard conversations while continuing to provide the best possible care to your patient.
Being a good doctor is hard work, especially considering the current state of our health care system. Some doctors, however, are simply bad news. And because most doctors today have comparable education and credentials, bad doctors don’t exactly stick out like sore thumbs.
Coordinating specialty care for neurological ailments is important but a UK study showed it doesn't always happen, particularly for patients with multiple sclerosis.
How do I loathe EHRs? Let me count the ways...
Intranasal oxytocin has the potential to be an effective pharmacologic intervention for improving measures of compassion in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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