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For Robin Williams, Diagnosis Came Too Late
Susan Schneider Williams, spouse of the late Robin Williams spoke with MD Magazine about the several symptoms the actor presented up to a year before his death that made it difficult to diagnose what he was suffering from: Lewy Body Disease (LBD).
As more research is collected about Tecfidera's usage since clinical trials and approval there continue to be signs that it can be a good treatment option for patients with multiple sclerosis, especially in the earliest stages.
Technology has many uses in modern life. Recent research looked at whether advanced games and other apps could help improve cognitive function in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Physicians, hospitals and large provider groups are beginning to understand the high costs of physician burnout.
Layoffs are tough. But, the economic downturn, lower insurance reimbursements, increased business expenses and the expectation that medical practices “do more with less” may make layoffs unavoidable.
Treating patients suffering from primary generalized tonic-clonic (PGTC) seizures with once-daily 8mg doses of adjunctive perampanel (Fycompa/Eisai) can effectively control the seizures, recent study finds.
The Zika virus, the latest virus to warrant public health concerns, could be associated with an autoimmune disorder similar to multiple sclerosis.
A new analysis of serious bleeds among patients who use the blood thinner warfarin to treat atrial fibrillation found that consideration of anticoagulation quality would improve the accuracy of 3 bleeding risk scores.
Eslicarbazepine acetate, a once-a-day epilepsy drug, can prevent onset of seizures as well as the twice-daily drug carbamazepine, new research reports.

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