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Pediatric Epilepsy Racks Up Big Bills
The year following a child’s first diagnosis of epilepsy is likely to cost as much as $20,000 researchers concluded after a retrospective study of billing data for 258 patients. Jamie L. Ryan, PhD, and colleagues findings’ were published in Neurology online on July 10, 2015.
When humans form new memories, changes happen at the individual neuron level, a UK team has shown.
Weill-Cornell researchers looking into genetic differences in high-grade gliomas made an unexpected finding: while both boys and girls live longer when their visible tumors are completely removed, the girls lived almost six years longer post-surgery.
Brain networks of schizophrenia patients are denser than healthy subjects, according to research in JAMA Psychiatry.
Medical marijuana is often labeled incorrectly or insufficiently, according to a research letter from JAMA.
Insurance status and initial severity of symptoms may impact satisfaction scores after spinal surgery, Vanderbilt researchers found.
In the past surgery for the treatment of epilepsy involved a complicated craniotomy procedure. Now, thanks to laser technology some of the most severe patients can get relief from their symptoms and be on their way home the next day.

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