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Social Media is an Essential Part of Surgical Practice
Social media is a continuation of (or surrogate for) surgery’s frequent morbidity and mortality conferences. Surgery as a specialty thrives on discussion and comparison.
Women who get frequent migraines are likely to see these headaches increase as hormones fluctuate during the perimenopausal period.
Research shows Taking Estrogen in combination with their traditional treatment helped female patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) avoid relapses.
Being depressed or tired makes people less alert, but not sleepy, a Canadian study found. That means that sleepiness and poor alertness are not the same, and that doctors should not use the terms interchangeably.
Attaining a high level of education could lower a person's risk for multiple sclerosis (MS), a Norwegian study reported.
Positive thinking, including “concentrating on [a] hedonistic future” are signs a patient with remitting-relapsing multiple sclerosis (RRMS) has accepted his or her illness, a Polish study found. Acceptance is a treatment goal because it is associated with better compliance as well as a heightened sense of well-being, researchers said.
A history of multiple surgeries and general anesthesia shouldn't necessarily worry the elderly about their risk of diminishing mental abilities, according to a new Mayo Clinic study.
A recent study showed that a large number of surgeons in the United States are reaching retirement age with no plans to put down their scalpel. What this can mean to the patients they treat has yet to be determined.
One of the most important facilities in the American military medical system is Brooke Army Medical Center. As a level 1 trauma center and a key research facility the San Antonio institution plays many roles all with one goal in mind.

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