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Addressing Sleep in the Menopause Transition: Hadine Joffe, Brigham and Women's Hospital
At The North American Menopause Society 27th Annual Meeting (NAMS), Hadine Joffe, MD, MSc, Brigham and Women's Hospital explained that she always has her patients use sleep hygiene, and that there are some really key strategies that has no side effects.
review of the current literature regarding minor stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA) shows that more comprehensive care could lead to less disability as well as be cost effective.
Hadine Joffe, MD, MSc, Brigham and Women's Hospital has been trying to figure out the common menopause symptoms and how to treat them. As a psychiatrist and considering her vested interest in the brain manifestations of hormone changes, some of the symptoms she focuses on are hot flashes, sleep, and mood.
There are many ways of figuring out what stage of illness a patient with MS is experiencing and if relapse is likely. Researchers evaluated several.
A recent study found that daily, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is safe and may help subacute stroke patients regain motor control in the paralytic hand.
The prevalence of vascular cognitive impairment and vascular dementia are increasing among the elderly. This presents a diagnostic problem, as about 40 percent of patients have coincident vascular cognitive disorder and Alzheimer’s disease pathologic processes
“We have shown for the first time that the correlation between ADHD symptoms and binge eating in women depends mainly on a common hereditary susceptibility for the two disorders,” Johansson Capusan explained. “Much of the correlation between alcohol dependence and ADHD can also be explained by genetic factors."
As one of the most popular movie franchises in history, Star Wars has reached a wide range of people across the globe. Some have seen ways to apply lessons from the movies to help in the diagnosis of mental health patients.
As smartphones become more prevalent throughout society, work is being done to see how they can help with patient health in ways that previously were not possible.

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