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Study Examines Pregnancy Outcomes for Patients on Natalizumab
Patients who are taking it and are pregnant or plan to become pregnant “are currently advised to balance the potential benefits and potential risks of exposure when considering treatment options,” say the authors.
Researchers know that cigarette smoke is hazardous to children, even when it is secondhand. But the impact marijuana smoke has on kids in households where adults smoke cannabis been little studied.
“As more states pass laws legalizing recreational marijuana, legislators and health care professionals will need to consider strategies to decrease its effect on young children.”
Whether it’s drugs or procedures, there are different strategies for managing chronic pain. However, when psychological symptoms come into play, treatment may need to take an alternative course.
Siponimod continues to look promising for multiple sclerosis. Researchers report good results on three-year extension of BOLD study.
Ravi Prasad, Phd, Stanford University, shared his work with the Stanford Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Pain Program to help improve patient quality of life.
Pain management is everyone's job. It's a human problem.
"Opiates are not the first line for every condition; they should not be reflexively prescribed," said Alexis LaPietra, DO, St. Joseph's Medical Center.

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