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Parkinson's Decline Comes Sooner than Thought
Cognitive decline may occur faster than previously shown in patients with Parkinson’s disease.
After a stroke, if patients recover either motor skills or language skills, they are likely to recover both, a study found.
While there is a considerable amount of data on the physical aspects of Parkinson's Disease, much less is known about the psychological impact of the condition and what can be done to help these patients.
Sustained neuropathic pain following peripheral nerve injury may be caused by the decrease of expression of spinal astrocyte connexin43 according to a recent study.
Japanese researchers have developed a novel technique using gold nanorods that could lead to therapies for pain relief in patients with intractable pain, possibly including cancer-related pain.
The MacArthur Foundation's secretive "genius grant" awards this year are for $625,000 each. This year's grantees include a stem cell reearcher, a geneticist, a neuroscientist, and a social activist who got hospitals to stop using mercury thermometers.
Electronic medical records from neurologists' offices are going into a practice-based research network in Evanston, Ill. It's part of an academic medical center's initiative to harness the data for scientific and clinical purposes. In a journal article researchers offer tips on replicating their system.

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