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Hormone May Be Key to Sugar, Diet Sweetener Response
Artificial sweeteners don't contain the calories or energy that evolution has trained the brain to expect from sweet-tasting foods, thereby failing to satisfy hunger, and a specific hormone may be the key to the process, according to an experimental study published online June 11 in Neuron.

Researchers have shown that the tendency of atrial fibrillation to impair cognitive function stems, at least in part, from a reduction in blood flow to the brain.
Most doctors would take offense at being called a pill-pusher. However, the everyday work of a physician is filled with opportunities to make compromised prescribing decisions.
Issues relating to physician retirement and evaluation of aging physicians before retirement are discussed in a Council on Medical Education report published by the American Medical Association (AMA).

For the first time, researchers have evidence identifying the key cells behind the pain imbalance between genders.

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