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Frederick Munschauer: Using Real World Evidence to Weigh Efficacy of Treatment
While it may not be possible to compare the efficacy of treatments for multiple sclerosis in clinical trials work is being done to look at the various options through results in actual practice.
While newly approved treatments for multiple sclerosis move away from interferon based medications Rebif continues to be a popular choice after more than a decade in the field.
The treatment of multiple sclerosis requires the work of more than just neurologists and that figures to be the case well into the future as well.
Throughout medicine personalized care is becoming an increasing focus of the field. This is no exception for the treatment of multiple sclerosis where patients may find a medication which works for a short time before needing to find a new option.
Patients dealing with anxiety or depression often also suffer from recurring inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a recent study found.
The US Food and Drug Administration is investigation the risk of burns in people who use the sumatriptan iontophoretic system, a device it approved in September.
Marijuana and alcohol – studies suggest that one of these substances helps patients with multiple sclerosis while the other can contribute to comorbidities.
Lifestyle factors and multiple sclerosis is a two-way street; but what does that mean for practicing physicians? Allen Bowling, MD, PhD, explains at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Center (CMSC) in National Harbor, Maryland.

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