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Brooke Army Medical Center: The Heart of Military Medicine from the Heart of Texas
One of the most important facilities in the American military medical system is Brooke Army Medical Center. As a level 1 trauma center and a key research facility the San Antonio institution plays many roles all with one goal in mind.
According to a survey of MD Magazine readers, physicians have strong views when it comes to gun rights and gun violence. Most
A drug trial in France has officially gone from bad to worse.
As the name suggests cardiac rupture can be a very serious condition with potentially fatal results if not treated quickly and effectively.
A phase I trial in France has gone terribly wrong as officials confirmed on Friday, January 15 that one person has been declared brain dead and five additional people are being hospitalized.
Medical marijuana has had the spotlight for quite some time now – there is even a company that makes kosher cannabis. But it turns out that the drug could be a novel approach to preventing and treating migraine headaches.
Intensifying antituberculosis treatment did not improve the survival rate in patients with tuberculous meningitis, a study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam found.

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