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As-Needed Novel Oral Anticoagulant Therapy Safely and Effectively Reduces Stroke Risk in Well-Monitored Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
Researchers found that as-needed use of novel oral anticoagulants can effectively lower stroke risk in “motivated” patients with atrial fibrillation.
The main ingredient in Tylenol can kill a person’s empathy for others, according to a new study from Ohio State.
What should physicians tell patients who are worried about lead in their drinking water? Filtering that water is an easy first step, and there are others.
As the country has seen headlines about exposure to lead recently there have been more questions than answers about what that means for people and how much lead is safe in daily life.
Not worried about lead in your water? You should be, says Newark toxicologist Steven Marcus, MD.
Researchers reported that reawakened astrocytes appear to be a key trigger for S1 cortex (the remote region of the brain that is not directly affected by spinal cord injury) circuit rewiring and may contribute to sustained neuropathic mechanical allodynia.
Researchers have called into question patterns of brain activity that have been widely accepted to show pain responses after the team found these patterns in patients who were born without a sense of pain.
Research indicates that spinal cord stimulation appears to reduce the affective component of pain, resulting in optimal pain relief.
Men diagnosed with multiple sclerosis often have higher blood pressure than women, in addition to higher levels of diabetes, epilepsy, depression, and anxiety.

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