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Patricia Coyle: Treating Multiple Sclerosis Beyond Disease Modifying Therapies
Newly approved and longstanding treatment options are definitely an important part of the overall care picture but there is more work for a doctor to do beyond filling out a prescription pad.
As the treatment of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis continues to add new treatment methods patients with progressive forms of the condition are still waiting for their first approved medication to manage their symptoms.
Researchers can track treatment outcomes in MS patients by reading their social media posts, a study found.
Acknowledging that uncertainty is a key factor in the care and treatment of multiple sclerosis is part of a solution to a problem, finding the best way to deal with that uncertainty is another issue that must be confronted by patients and doctors alike.
From the time a patient is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis there are often more questions than answers for extended periods of time. What that means for their care and management of symptoms is the subject of a recent study.
With a lot of the attention in multiple sclerosis care turning to finding treatments for progressive forms of the disease those who suffer relapses are in some ways being left in the shadows of treatment discoveries and care.
A recently concluded survey looked at issues most affecting patients with multiple sclerosis that they may not have been willing or able to discuss with health care providers but could help others with the condition in the future.
Research from the New York University Langone Medical Center suggests that early prolonged exposure and cognitive therapy appears to accelerate recovery from acute post-traumatic stress disorder.
A University of Queensland (Australia) researcher appears to have overcome a substantial hurdle in harnessing the potential of marine snail venom as a means for pain medicine.

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