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Healthcare Expenditure Has Slowed in the US
The growth in US healthcare expenditure has slowed in recent years, coming some way toward closing the gap with other countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), according to an article in the health of Americans series published online July 1 in The Lancet.
Sequencing Aids Diagnosis of Neruometabolic Disease
Exome sequencing improves the ability to identify potential nuclear gene mutations in patients with biochemically defined defects affecting multiple mitochondrial respiratory chain complexes, according to a study published in the July 2 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Modifying the Course of Multiple Sclerosis: The Growing Treatment Armamentarium
Risk Analysis of Natalizumab in Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy
The panelists look at the treatment of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy and the risks of the medication, natalizumab.
Affordable Care Act Offers Opportunities for Prevention, Public Health
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is fostering collaboration between the public health and health care systems and can improve quality of care and advance population health, according to an article in the health of Americans series published online July 1 in The Lancet.
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Remedying the Faults of Peer Review
Although hospitals routinely implement peer review processes to ensure that physicians are meeting the prevailing standards of care, the procedure has been associated with controversy.
MRIs Useful in Tracking Depression in MS Patients
MRI technology can allow scientists to assess the development of depression and treatment responses over time in multiple sclerosis patients.
A Physician
Sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) is associated with increased activation of brain regions involved in awareness, attention, and action planning, according to a study published online June 23 in Brain and Behavior.
New Plan Would Permit Doctors to Treat Patients in Other States
A proposal to make it much easier for doctors licensed in one state to treat patients in other states in person, online, or by videoconference has been prepared by the Federation of State Medical Boards, which includes the agencies that license and discipline doctors
Exposure to Violent TV Linked to Poorer Executive Function
Exposure to violent television is associated with poorer executive functioning and slower white matter growth in young adult males, according to a study published in the July issue of Brain and Cognition.
FDA Approves First
An "exoskeleton" motorized device that uses leg braces, motion sensors, motorized joints, a computer, and a wireless remote control to help paralyzed people stand, sit, and walk has been approved for home use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
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