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Lymphopenia may identify an immunologically distinct subset of MS, researchers report.
There is a lot of regulatory scrutiny, media attention ,and confusion about managing pain, so patient education should be at the forefront of physicians' minds.
Pain is the single most common reason people seek medical attention - more than heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.
Genetic analysis can assess the risk of getting multiple sclerosis (MS), but not how severe the disease would be, according to the results of a recent meta-analysis.
Dr. Fricton of the University of Minnesota and HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research explored how to make transformative care a practical part in treating patients with chronic pain.
Unlike many other diseases Alzheimer's has a unique impact not only on patients but loved ones who see the changes it can cause more than the people it affects directly.
Once a proper diagnosis is made there are a few options doctors and patients can consider when treating Alzheimer's Disease. This includes not only treatment options but how to manage the disease long term.
There are many factors which can contribute to a patient developing Alzheimer's which goes beyond proteins which may be found in the brain.

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