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A change in body mass index does not appear to affect survival in patients with Parkinson’s Disease, a new analysis found. But tracking BMI is useful in predicting the course of the disease.
Three biomarkers can be used as non-invasive diagnostic tools in cases of ischemic stroke, contributing important information, according to a recent study.
Gender dysphoria--a discrepancy between an individual's anatomic sex assigned at birth and the gender he or she identifies with--creates considerable internal distress. Affected individuals report strong desires to live as their preferred gender.
An awakening in the midst of surgery is a patient’s and an anesthesiologist’s nightmare. British scientists have developed a new way to prevent that.
Although opioids can improve mood for a short time, their long-term effects can trigger the onset of depression.
Analysis of health records and questionnaire results from heart failure patients indicates a significant link between permanent atrial fibrillation and cognitive impairment among such patients.
Research shows potential for a new treatment for immune related disorders associated with multiple sclerosis
Study shows patients who respond well to placebo alone could see even better results with regular medication while also raising more questions.

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