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Kia Shahlaie: Surgery Can Help Movement Disorders Beyond Medicine
As new medications have been approved for movement disorders like Parkinson's Disease many patients have been able to better manage their symptoms. When that is not enough newer surgical options have also been developed in recent years.
Technology may be advancing faster than people can keep up with but there are still times when traditional surgical methods are preferred over newer technologies.
While minimally invasive surgery is not a new concept the rapid advances in technology are helping to treat patients with more wide ranging conditions than ever before.
Using older mice, researchers looking for ways to prevent stroke found a protective effect in bexaratone. The age of the mice is significant in that most studies are done on young animals and findings might not apply to mice that have aged.
An analysis of possibly treatment-modifying covariates on treatments to prevent stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) failed to show any impact.
Crohn’s disease can impact brain function in the capacities of slower response times than individuals without Crohn’s, according to findings published in UEG Journal.
A Korean analysis of 25,000 patients found a new risk of stroke: being metabolically obese even though body weight is normal.

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