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Warning on Workout Supplement
Sports supplements can contain dangerous unlabelled compounds. In Annals of Internal Medicine, physicians report on a healthy woman who had a stroke likely caused by an amphetamine-like substance in a supplement sold as Jacked Power.
The 10 Best States for Nurses
National Nurses’ Week comes to a close on Tuesday. Nursing has always been a critical part of the medical industry, and demand for nurses is expected to continue to rise in the coming decades. These states offer the best work environments for nurses.
Q&A With Matthew Wong, MD, From Wake Forest School of Medicine: Cannabidiol Shows Benefits for Some Young Epilepsy Patients
Patients, especially young patients with some of the rarer forms of epilepsy may benefit from taking cannabidiol for their conditions. While based from marijuana plants the medication does not have many of the traits of other forms of medical marijuana.
Q&A With Sibyl E. Wray, MD, From Hope Neurology Multiple Sclerosis Center: Survey Shows Patients Want More Involvement in MS Treatment
A recent study conducted of patients with multiple sclerosis showed that a change could be coming in the field. Just as patients said they wanted to be more involved in their choice of treatment options, their healthcare professionals said they encouraged feedback from the patients.
Q&A With Raj Kapoor, BMBCh, From University College London Hospital: New Treatment Options for Optic Neuritis Shows 'Exciting' Potential
As part of the overall picture of multiple sclerosis treatment optic neuritis is one of the early stages of the condition. The studies looked at sodium channels that show promise for future multiple sclerosis patients even if it is not in the field.

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