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“Together We” – Excitement Builds in San Francisco for HRS 2016
This year’s Heart Rhythm Society’s (HRS) Annual Scientific Sessions in San Francisco promise to provide attendees with lots of variety and opportunities for engagement – both in person as well as in the digital sphere.
Children and teens admitted to the hospital with pneumonia had a shorter length of stay with ibuprofen treatment than with acetaminophen, a Bronx team reported.
Children with perinatal HIV who have been exposed to violence, or whose caregivers have been assaulted as adults, appear to have higher unsuppressed viral loads and lower CD4 levels compared with kids without violence exposure.
Kids with type 1 diabetes may be at higher risk for vitamin D deficiency.
Sometimes things we enjoy cause harm, and our career can be one of those things....how do you make sense of that?
US birth rates show fewer teenagers are having babies--at least in states where abortion is readily available--but ethnic and racial disparities remain a challenge.
As more is learned about epilepsy and new treatment methods are introduced to the market there is reason to be optimistic for patients while doctors work to provide the best care possible on an individual basis.
Previous literature has shown a potential challenge for women with epilepsy becoming pregnant a recent study showed that may not be the case after all.
The gut bacteria in prematurely born infants provide insight into antibacterial resistance and the vulnerability of the babies, according to findings published in Nature Microbiology.

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