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UK Study: Nearly Half Asthma Deaths Preventable
Nearly half of the UK's asthma deaths could likely have been prevented, researchers there found.
Depending on the age of the children they are treating pediatricians have to find a good working relationship with parents while also maintaining the privacy of their patients.
In adult patients neuromyelitis optica is considered a rare enough condition. It is even more rare in children making the diagnosis and treatment a longer and more careful process.
Once-daily tiotropium added to inhaled corticosteroids was safe and well tolerated in a phase 3 trial in nearly 400 asthmatic adolescents.
Contrary to the previously published literature on cardiac function in asthma patients, Turkish researchers observed no diastolic dysfunction in a group of 50 asthmatic children evaluated in a recent echocardiographic study, even with tissue Doppler imaging.
Increasing evidence supports the possibility that alterations in gut microbiota may influence susceptibility to asthma and allergic diseases such as eczema and food allergies.
Endothelial activation and levels of C-reactive protein, plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1, and von Willebrand factor increased during asthma exacerbations in a study of 22 pediatric patients.
Younger patients with coronary heart disease who may have familial hypercholesterolemia need earlier diagnosis and treatment in order to reduce risk, according to the results of a recent study. FH is widely underdiagnosed, and is life-threatening.
It's not easy to be a teen with diabetes. Many young adults struggle with competing academic, economic, and social priorities that may interfere with successful diabetes management. Coordinated healthcare can lessen the risk of suboptimal health care utilization; undetected or untreated diabetes complications; and psychosocial, behavioral, and emotional challenges.

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