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9 Ways to Productively Connect with Doctors
The doctor-patient relationship is critically important, yet the intermittent nature of the relationship often makes it difficult to make meaningful connections. These 9 tips can help facilitate better relationships.
Results from a long-term trial indicate that sublingual immunotherapy, though quite safe, is rarely fully effective in people with severe peanut allergies.
Compared with the general population, patients with atopic dermatitis are significantly more susceptible to Staphyloccocus aureus colonization and skin infections.
An EHR executive says the healthcare industry needs will have its "own Internet" within the next five years. That story tops this week’s PMD Critical List. Also on the List: Concerns that physicians are failing to adequately advise new mothers and a new CDC report which finds a small percentage of physicians are largely responsible for the overabundance of antibiotic prescriptions.
The rapid growth of autism diagnoses in the United States is mostly due to changes in diagnosis patterns, rather than a rapid increase in prevalence, according to a new study.
The increasing prevalence of food allergies (along with increasing awareness of the dangers associated with those allergies) has famously led to food restrictions in schools and on commercial airlines. The trend has now spread to a venue that's strongly associated with the enjoyment of fresh roasted peanuts: baseball stadiums.
The changing economics of the healthcare industry are prompting major changes in the way hospitals and clinics operate. In this video, the chief medical officer of a large New York health system discusses how they are rising to the challenge.

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