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Study: Treating Carbon Monoxide Poisoning by Lighting up the Lungs
Phototherapy may be an effective, noninvasive treatment for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
A new investigation of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that produce diabetes may explain the strong association between cystic fibrosis and pancreatic complications.
From working in the wilderness to waiting at the finish line of some of the most extreme races around the country doctors are going as far from the medical offices as their patients do in order to provide the best level of service possible.
Readmissions for patients with COPD can be prevented with a multi-faceted approach, a study finds.
The changing economics of the healthcare industry are prompting major changes in the way hospitals and clinics operate. In this video, the chief medical officer of a large New York health system discusses how they are rising to the challenge.
Mature Type 1 and Type 2 airway cells are able to repair and regenerate lung tissue regardless of cell type, according to researchers from Penn and Duke.
Researchers have identified the single-gene mutations that cause a previously uncharacterized pediatric autoimmune syndrome that combines inflammatory arthritis and severe lung disease.

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