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Severe Cost Burden Associated with Chronic Pancreatitis
A new analysis of cohort study data estimates the average annual cost of caring for children with chronic pancreatitis or acute recurrent pancreatitis in the US now approaches $50,000.
As bundled payments move forward, surgical outcomes are coming more and more into focus. But a nagging issue remains: How to keep score?
Acromegaly, although rare, has classic and well-known symptoms. Notwithstanding these well-known signs, patients often seek diagnoses for several years after their first symptoms. Early diagnosis can prevent long-term comorbidity and premature death in patients with acromegaly
Patients with elevated blood sugar after heart surgery may need treatment tailored to their initial diabetes status.
Laparoscopic surgery was more cost-effective and produced better patient outcomes compared to open surgery for those receiving elective colorectal resections.
The transformation process for transgender patients involves many moving parts; these individuals can seek help from a wide range of clinicians, including dermatologists, who can consult on facial transformations for women.
Gastroschisis, a birth defect that causes a baby’s internal organ’s to spill out of the body, is becoming more prevalent, especially among infants born to mothers under the age of 20.
Although bariatric surgery is currently the most effective treatment against obesity, only 1-2% of qualified patients are able to undergo this procedure due to limited access, patient choice, associated risks, and expensive costs.
A new retrospective analysis indicates that the interval between the diagnosis of persistent atrial fibrillation and the use of catheter ablation is inversely related to the procedure’s chance of long-term success.

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