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Charles Davidson: Cardiology Making Rapid Advances in Patient Care
With a new armamentarium of medications, procedures, and operations patients with any number of cardiac conditions are seeing their quality of lives improve dramatically for considerably longer.
As the field of cardiology advances new procedures are being developed to help patients in more effective methods. The SCOUT trial looked at one potential treatment to help patients with tricuspid regurgitation.
Survey results suggest nearly one-half of parents whose child had leftover prescription opioids following a surgery or for an illness keep the pain medication in the home.
Gastric bypass may be one of the most common solutions in the weight loss struggle, but there is also work being done to find less invasive options as well.
Study results show that newly initiated combined antiretroviral therapy (ART) in treatment-naïve patients with HIV appears to not effectively prevent the progression of significant arterial inflammation.
The rate of endophthalmitis after more than 90,000 intravitreal injections was found to be approximately 1 in 3000 in a retrospective study of a consecutive series of cases at a multicenter, retina-only practice. Prophylactic use of topical antibiotics was not found to decrease this rate.
The FDA has approved UltraShape Power (Syneron Medical Ltd) for non-invasive reduction of abdominal circumference through fat cell destruction.
Public health issues are nothing new in the medical community, but for issues like high sodium levels the pressing issue can be what to do to help bring the levels to healthier levels.
The intake of sodium is becoming a greater problem across the world, but especially in the United States. While people for the most part are not adding sodium to the food themselves the processed foods they are eating contain more sodium than they did in the past.

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