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A Model for Total Human Eye Transplantation
A team of surgeons has demonstrated a surgical model using cadavers for total human eye allotransplantation.
Sometimes things we enjoy cause harm, and our career can be one of those things....how do you make sense of that?
For obese patients, bariatric surgery may decrease life threatening heart failure incidents, according to research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
Liver transplant centers may be letting their sickest patients die waiting for a donor liver in an effort to improve their statistics on successful transplants, a new study charges.
The history of botulinum toxins dates back hundreds of years. What it can mean for the future of medicine and what conditions it can help in the future remains to be seen.
As with many parts of medicine guidelines are constantly being updated across a variety of specialties. The American Academy of Neurology recently released new guidance on how and when to use botulinum toxin in patient care.
The field of obstetrics and gynecology is constantly moving forward including new treatments for conditions like fibroids as well as work on new surgical treatments like uterine transplants. All these changes can present a wide range of challenges for health care professionals who work in this area of medicine.
As fibroids become a more common problem facing doctors and patients new treatment methods are being developed to address it. From new medications to various procedures these can allow patients to get the care they needed without affecting their quality of life as much as previous choices may have.
Once a patient is diagnosed with fibroids it is up to the doctor to determine the best course of treatment. Even as more treatment options are being developed there are already some solid choices depending on the age of the patient and other factors.

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