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Sajjad Raja from Cleveland Clinic: Diabetes and its Role in Coronary Bypass Graft Patency
Patients with diabetes face several challenges when it comes to coronary surgery success for numerous conditions. A recent study looked at the impact diabetes has on the success of coronary bypass grafts.
As more women take leadership roles in gastroenterology and , it can go a long way in helping to bridge the gender gap in that other specialties in medicine.
As with many areas of medicine, the ratio of male doctors in gastroenterology to female counterparts is considerable – although work is being done to lessen that gap across the field.
As with all surgical procedures, there are risks that come with gastric bypass surgery. While the procedure itself is not new, there is work being done to make it more effective and longer lasting for patients who utilize this valuable weight loss option.
Obesity remains a growing problem and while gastric bypass surgery has become a viable option for many patients, there is still work being done to improve the procedure.
Surgeons perform approximately 800,000 coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgeries globally each year.
The body’s reaction to a surgical incision is completely understandable - scars are unavoidable.
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is a common procedure in adult patients but a recent study looked at whether the procedure was safe for younger patients and whether it provided the same level of efficacy.
How often do tracheal injuries following intubation occur during surgery?

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