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Three Opportunities Presented for Practice Growth
Maximizing the growth potential of a practice over time requires physicians to consider various opportunities, including increasing the size of medical groups, embracing technology, and use of marketing, according to an article published June 24 in Medical Economics
AMA: Tips for Managing Medical School Loans
Creating a budget and other tips can help medical school graduates to manage their loan repayments, according to an article published by the American Medical Association.
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Are Hospital-acquired Conditions Inherent in Bariatric Surgery?
The patients who are most likely to develop a hospital-acquired condition after bariatric surgery are precisely those who stand to benefit the most from undergoing the procedure.
Recommendations Made for Partnering Patients in Healthcare
Changes need to be implemented in the education system in order to fully integrate patients and their families as equal partners in health care, according to a report based on recommendations made at a conference convened by the Macy Foundation.
No Link for Testosterone Supplements, Heart Attack
Although recent research has linked testosterone therapy with a higher risk for heart attack and stroke, a new study involving more than 25,000 older men suggests otherwise. The study, funded by the US National Institutes of Health, was published July 2 in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy.
AAFP Urges Changes in Telemedicine Compensation
Significant changes should be made to delivery and payment of telemedicine services, according to an article published by the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Tips Offered for Improving Practice Financial Management
Establishing clear financial policies for practices and making it easy for patients to pay are two suggestions for improving practices' financial management, according to an article published online June 24 in Medical Economics.
Healthcare Expenditure Has Slowed in the US
The growth in US healthcare expenditure has slowed in recent years, coming some way toward closing the gap with other countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), according to an article in the health of Americans series published online July 1 in The Lancet.
FDA Issues Warning About Blood Clot Risks Associated with Testosterone Replacement
The US Food and Drug Administration recently announced it will require the makers of testosterone replacement therapies to add general warnings about venous blood clots to product labels.
Affordable Care Act Offers Opportunities for Prevention, Public Health
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is fostering collaboration between the public health and health care systems and can improve quality of care and advance population health, according to an article in the health of Americans series published online July 1 in The Lancet.
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The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists 41st Annual Meeting on Women's Cancer
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