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Pre-operative Serum Cholesterol Tied to Survival in Renal Cell Carcinoma
For patients with renal cell carcinoma, preoperative serum cholesterol is an independent prognostic factor, according to a study published online June 12 in BJU International.
HHS Inspector General Finds Big Problem With Medicare Coding
Nearly 42 percent of Medicare claims for evaluation and management services are incorrectly coded, according to an article published June 2 in Medical Economics.
Researchers Hesitant to Use Social Media to Show Findings
Researchers remain uncertain about the use of social media to communicate their findings to policy makers, according to research published online June 6 in Health Affairs.
Data From Electronic Health Records Should Be Used to Improve Patient Care
The data from electronic health records should be utilized to improve the quality of patient care, according to an article published online June 10 in Medical Economics.
Marriage, Not Cohabitation, Pays Health Dividends for Men
Single and married men are more likely to see a doctor regularly than those living with a partner out of wedlock, according to a new US National Center for Health Statistics study.
Just weeks after Australian researchers published data suggesting that testosterone replacement therapy does not ameliorate type 2 diabetes among hypogonadal men, a team of American researchers has unveiled a second study that suggests just the opposite.
Follow-up Care Guidelines Issued for Prostate Cancer Survivors
New guidelines have been developed for clinical follow-up care for prostate cancer survivors. The guidelines were published online June 10 in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.
Many Sexually Transmitted Diseases May Go Undiagnosed
About 400,000 Americans may have the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia, but not know they have it, new research suggests. The study was scheduled for presentation Tuesday at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's STD Prevention Conference in Atlanta.
Millions Will Not Have to Pay ACA Tax Penalties
Although an estimated 30 million people will still be uninsured in 2016, only four million are expected to pay penalties, according to the latest report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
Cellphone Exposure May Harm Male Fertility
Men who carry a cellphone in their pants pocket may harm their sperm and reduce their chances of having children, a new review warns.
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