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Back Pain

Administrative data models can discriminate acute low back pain from nonacute cases in electronic medical records, according to a study published in the June 15 issue of Spine.
There is a significant association between certain easily identifiable criteria, including mechanism of injury and area of pain, and nonorganic low back pain among worker's compensation patients, according to a study published in the July 1 issue of The Spine Journal.

Sudden, acute episodes of low back pain are not linked to weather conditions, according to a study published online July 10 in Arthritis Care & Research.
When the breasts are disproportionate to the rest of a woman’s body, physical and psychological side effects can become very real issues.
For chronic low back pain patients, contribution is modest; recommendation made with caution
A multidisciplinary panel has developed standards for research on chronic low back pain, according to a guideline article published in the June issue of the The Journal of Pain.